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Download Smooth polar lut filter To VN video editor

Polar lut filter is more Beautiful for video colour grading in vn video editor

Welcome to our new Blogpost, So let's talk about the topic. Today we are giving All of you Beautiful polar VN lut filter for colour grading in vn video Editor app. So you can easily make like TV serial and instagram reels video in Android with vn video editor app

Highlights Topic:-

  1. About smooth polar VN LUT
  2. Download polar lut Filter For vn app 
  3. Add custom polar lut filter 
  4. Apply vn polar lut Filter
  5. About polar VN LUT

About smooth polar VN LUT

Friends, the polar lut is a very beautiful and bright & smooth filter, which is only and only in the High level editing software, but we can also use it in Android phones, with the help of some editing techniques, in fact we are providing you a filter here, which is called By using VN video editor app, we can make our normal video like Insta reels, it is very simple to know how using this vn polar filter we can make video like reels filter then you keep reading this post carefully . 

 So friends first of all I would like to tell all of you that if you have not downloaded vn app then download it because with the help of this app we are going to color grading video like iphone.

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Download smooth polar LUT FILTER for VN

Friends, inside this post, we have provided the download link of vn 5 polar lut filter, by clicking on it, you can download this filter, below you are providing all the information of the filter, you should also read it. 

Filter file information 

  • File name: polar lut filter 
  • Format: .zip 
  • Quantity: 1 
  • Size:

So friends, to download the file, you have to click on the given download button, after that Google Drive will open in which you will see a file of zip format, then click on the download icon visible to download it, your file will be downloaded.  

Polar filter vn lut filter
Polar filter 

Add smooth polar vn filter 

Friends, it is very important to add filters in this app, so read it carefully so that you do not have any problem while adding filters, then step by step we have told you below how you can add filters in this app. can add 

Step 1 

  1. Open your phone file manager
  2.  Go to archive file
  3.  Click on your downloaded zip file
  4.  Extract zip file

Now to find your extracted file you have to again re-open your file manager And go phone manager Now in that visible folder, search for the name with which you extracted the file, after finding the file.

 Select All .cube file

  1.  Click Bottom Right 3 Dot
  2.  Choose Compress option
  3.  Now select compress zip file
  4.  Click on share icon
  5.  Choose edit with vn

By adopting this method, you can add all the VN filters in the zip file in the vn app at once. But keep in mind that whatever zip file you have downloaded should not contain a password and if there is a password, first extract it and convert it to zip file again, in this way you can add the filter to the vn app. .

Apply vn polar lut Filter in video

Well friends, you can use it anywhere, it will not refuse you at all, but to be honest, you can use it to show a instagram reels or any social media platform, like if you want to make a bright and smooth colour footage, then in this You can apply this filter, which will make your video look better, otherwise you can use reels or anywhere else according your choice, there will be no problem but yes you should apply this filter according to the mood of the video like - if you apply this vn polar lut filter in Bollywood Hollywood videos then those videos will look absolutely useless. 

So hopefully you must have got the idea, where and how to use this filter, else if you face any problem while applying the filter, then you can watch our youtube videos.

Watch video get password

  Apply vn polar Filter


  1. Just open your vn app
  2.  Select any video to editing
  3.  You can see in buttom filter icon
  4.  Click on it
  5.  Now choose your lut to apply in video


So I hope guys this post help all of you to make smooth polar filter video in vn video editor app so thanks for the visit our website

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