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Pure white vn lut filter Download for Make white Tone video in vn app

Vn Editor App

This is a video editor app. In which we can add custom LUT FILTER, especially people edit short videos, so on the basis of that this VN Editor app company has made it easy to edit the video - or rather! To give convenience to those people. , Those who do not have much knowledge about editing, then they can also edit their videos in this vn app in a very easy way. This app can be used in all systems, and the specialty is that its user interface is user friendly

vn White lut filter

Friends, with this white vn lut filter, you will be able to apply white color tone to your video. Absolutely real hd premium white filter, let me tell you about some samples. You must have seen Instagram reels many times. In which videos with different types of filters are available. Like iphone filter and black and white filter etc., this filter also works in the same way. Just have to apply manually vn lut filter in it. 

how to download white lut filter

Download white vn lut: Friends, you will get the download link of this filter in this post. All you have to do is click on the download button, as soon as you click on the download, you have to wait for 17 sec, then automatically your vn white lut filter will be downloaded.

white Tone vn LUT
White Tone vn lut

vn White filter apply in vn app

Apply vn filter: Friends, first of all download this white filter. After this, check the downloaded file, which filter you have downloaded, what? Is it true or not! Because VN app only (white vn lut filter.cube👈) supports this format Example The last word dot of the file should be .cube. Process to import lut filter

  1. Open vn app
  2. Click filter icon
  3. Click + bottom
  4. Select option File manager
  5. Click upper left corner 3 line
  6. Go to file manager
  7. Choose download folder

Now you have to scroll down and find your fine which you have downloaded, now simply dilute that file, then your fine is also yours, you will get a successful add. 


Second method To important lut filter 

 Friends, there is an easy way to add filters, if you read carefully, then you will understand very well, then first of all let me know that any phone you have, it has a file manager, so that's why we slx here someone is going to add in net open phone file manager Choose download option Click on download icon Click on fill

vn filter add requirement and features


  •  Android KitKat (4.0 ) version 
  •  iPhone any version Vn app latest version 
  •  1 Gb of Ram 
  •  4gb free space on device 


  •  High quality vn lut Filter 
  • download Premium color 
  •  Usable in vn app 
  •  no bug 
  •   download 
  •  All premium features 

 File information 

  • Name : White vn lut Filter 
  •  Format : .cube
  •        Size :108.17 kb 

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