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Download Top 3 Cinematic VN Luts | Easy To Make Cinematic Colour Grading

Friends, you all know that nowadays most of the blog videos are trending on YouTube and cinematic color grading is done in that type of video, which looks great. So don't worry, with the help of this post you too can easily make your blog videos cinematic. 

So we would like to tell you at the beginning of the post that we will use Cinematic Luts to color grade the video, with the help of which vlog video can be graded cinematic color in VN app and Premiere Pro editing app. 

Cinematic VN Luts download
Cinematic VN Luts 

Do you now Guys you Can Colour Grade Video in Cinematic Tone with Android VIDEO EDITING App VN Just for this You Have To download Cinematic VN Luts 

Read More :- 

Dramatic Film Luts

Vlog Video Cinematic Color Grading: The Art of Visual Storytelling

Color grading is a critical aspect of filmmaking and video production. It is the process of adjusting and manipulating the colors in a video to create a specific mood, tone, or style. In cinema, color grading is a powerful tool used to evoke emotions and enhance the storytelling process.

The art of color grading has come a long way since the early days of cinema, where color was often added in post-production by hand-painting each frame. Today, advanced software and technology have made the color grading process more efficient and sophisticated, enabling filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life.

In cinematic color grading, the colorist works closely with the director and cinematographer to determine the desired look and feel of the film. They use a combination of color correction and color grading techniques to balance and enhance the overall color palette of the film. This includes adjusting the brightness, saturation, and hue of the image, as well as adding tints and tones to create a specific mood or atmosphere.

Most important cinematic color grading

One of the most important aspects of cinematic color grading is consistency. It is essential that the color palette of the film remains consistent throughout the entire production, from scene to scene and shot to shot. This helps to maintain the overall visual style and continuity of the film.

Another important aspect of cinematic color grading is contrast. The colorist must carefully balance the contrast levels in the image to ensure that the image is clear and easy to see, while also creating a sense of depth and dimension. High contrast images tend to be more dramatic and attention-grabbing, while low contrast images are more subtle and subdued.

Finally, cinematic color grading also plays a crucial role in creating the mood and atmosphere of a film. The colorist can use color to set the tone of a scene, whether it's a warm and inviting sunset, or a cold and eerie night scene. The right combination of colors can help to create a sense of tension, excitement, or calm, and can greatly enhance the overall impact of the film. 

Download Cinematic VN Luts To Colour Grade 

To download Cinematic Luts you will get a download button in this post so click on that download button and download Cinematic VN Luts 

STEP To Download:- 

  1. Keep good internet speed before downloading Cinematic Loots. 
  2. Keep phone storage free. 
  3. Now click on the download button given on the post. 
  4. Now Cinematic Luts will start downloading automatically. 

Cinematic Luts File detail 

File Name : Cinematic lutpreset luts 

Format: Cube (zip) 

Size : 10MB 

Quantity: 3 

Type: Preset 

Requirements To Use :- 

VN Video Editor (Android/iPhone) 

Premier pro (laptop) 



In conclusion,  

cinematic color grading is an essential aspect of filmmaking and video production. It is the art of visual storytelling, where the colorist works to enhance the mood, tone, and style of the film, and bring the creative vision of the director and cinematographer to life. Through a combination of color correction and grading techniques, the colorist helps to create a cohesive and visually stunning final product that captivates and inspires audiences. 

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