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Lightroom Top 10 Lightroom Mobile preset DNG Download

 Hello friends, in today's blogpost, we are going to give top 10+ Lightroom presets to all of you. By downloading which you can do all kinds of color grading in your photo, by adding Lightroom preset in Lightroom application. You will not have to sit for hours and edit photos, because with the help of Lightroom DNG presets you can do the editing you want on your photo in a single click. Just download the Lightroom preset given in the post, and use the Lightroom preset. So we would like to tell you that we have provided 10+ Lightroom presets in this post. So all of them have Lightroom DNG preset. Meaning that it will look like the photo but whatever color grading has happened in the photo. We can copy paste it in our photo. How to use Lightroom DNG preset? We have explained about it in detail below. 

Lightroom preset
Preview of Lightroom DNG presets

About Lightroom App

lightroom is a photo editing application in which professional photo editing is done, this application is the best for photo editing. It is better to do color grading, you get all kinds of features in them, they have more than 100 million downloads in google play store, big photo editors are using this application like nsb picture which is India's best photo editing are youtuber they also edit their photos from lightroom itself 

This application was launched on 10th December which is owned by adove.

👉Best features of Lightroom App 

Lightroom color grading Although friends, all its features are the best, but the most premium feature is the color grading of Lightroom, with the help of which you can change each and every color of your photo manually like you have to edit all these colors in it. You get the option, you can see it in the photo and I think that's why people use it the most and it has more specialties. 

10 + Lightroom preset Download For Lightroom Mobile

Friends, you will get all Lightroom presets in 10+ Lightroom DNG presets. black dark grey, pink, soft white, almost all Lightroom presets will be inside it, so download all these Lightroom presets and color grade any of your photos in just one click. All the Lightroom Mobile presets in it are in DNG format. Meaning the size can be a little bigger. Because Lightroom DNG file looks like a photo. 

👉Best LR preset

What is a Lightroom DNG File? 


Lightroom DNG file This is one of the best features of Lightroom, which allows users who are expert in Lightroom creation to share their presets in DNG format with anyone. So that other users will not have trouble to edit their photo, they will simply download this Dng file and paste it on their photo, then all the color grading of this lightroom dng file will be applied on their photo and in this way they can apply their own You will be able to apply presets to your photos in just one click above the photo. 

How To use Lightroom presets

Friends, before using Lightroom presets, you have to download the black and blue preset we have provided you. Now if you do not have Lightroom application, then you have to download it too, and then open this application. Now here I am giving a complete check list to all of you, after reading which you will be able to apply this black and blue filter on your photo very easily. 

>Process to Apply Lightroom presets 

  1. First of all download all preset
  2. Extract downloaded zip file
  3. Share Dng photo in Lightroom one by one
  4. Open your lightroom application
  5. Select your favourite dng photo and open that 
  6. Click on right corner 3 dot 
  7. Choose copy setting option
  8. Come back in lightroom home page
  9. Now open the photo in which you want to apply the filter 
  10. Click upper right corner >three dot< select option >paste setting 

Finally you have completed the whole process. And your filter has also been added on the photo Now to save your photo, you have to click on the share icon, after that click on save to device and save the photo.


  • download To use
  • Premium colours grade in photo
  • Customizable in lightroom mobile
  • All premium features
  • No bugs
  • High-quality lightroom mobile presets download 

System requirement 

  • Android version (4.0) or above
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 4 GB free space on the device
  • Lightroom’s latest version installed  

Name: 10+Mobile Lightroom preset 
Format: zip

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