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Top 5 Lightroom presets Download

Download Lightroom Presets For Photo Editing

Hello friends, 

in today's blog post, we are going to give you five filters for Lightroom application, by using which you can enhance the beauty of your photo more. By applying this filter, you can change the color tone of the photo in just one click, for this you have to first download all these filters, whose link I will give you in this blog post. But before that I want to tell you all about this filter in some detail. Friends, this filter is in DNG format. Which we have created by ourselves as a preset, you just have to download this lightroom dng file and open it in your lightroom application, let me tell you the whole process. 


What is a Lightroom DNG File? 


Lightroom DNG file This is one of the best features of Lightroom, which allows users who are expert in Lightroom creation to share their presets in DNG format with anyone. So that other users will not have trouble to edit their photo, they will simply download this Dng file and paste it on their photo, then all the color grading of this lightroom dng file will be applied on their photo and in this way they can apply their own You will be able to apply presets to your photos in just one click above the photo. 


How to apply DNG presets in Lightroom. 

 It is very easy to apply Lightroom dng preset in lightroom application, I will write you the check list below, by reading which you can very easily apply Lightroom preset on your photo in lightroom. 

  1. First of all download all preset
  2. Extract downloaded zip file
  3. Share Dng photo in Lightroom one by one
  4. Open your lightroom application
  5. Select your favourite dng photo and open that 
  6. Click on right corner 3 dot 
  7. Choose copy setting option
  8. Come back in lightroom home page
  9. Now open the photo in which you want to apply the filter 
  10. Click upper right corner >three dot< select option >paste setting 

Finally you have completed the whole process. And your filter has also been added on the photo Now to save your photo, you have to click on the share icon, after that click on save to device and save the photo. 

Download File

Lightroom presets download 

Friends, below I have given you the link to download 5 lightroom presets, by clicking on which you can download all these lightroom presets. If this file will be in zip format then you have to extract it. And then one by one you have to add all the DNG photos to Lightroom application and you have to copy and paste as per the mentioned things to add. 


HD colour for colour grading
No lag problem
to use

System required 

Android/iPhone/ Latest device
At least 1 Gb of Ram 
Storage minimum Free 100 mb 
Install Latest version Lightroom app

File information 

File name : Lightroom 5 dng preset

Format : zip file
Size: 8MB 


About Lightroom App

 Lightroom Application is a photo editing application with the help of which users can do professional photo editing in their photos with high quality features. Which is not in the rest of photo editing, the company name of Lightroom application is Adobe. This company has earned a lot of name in the world of editing, especially their applications are mostly for windows or laptops, but looking at the market, this company has also launched the best photo editing and video editing applications for mobile users, including Lightroom for mobile. The application is at the top, it has more apps. 

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