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All cinematic teal orange vn lut Filter download For video colour grading in vn app

Hello friends, in today's blog post we have covered top 10 cinematic VN lut preset topics. Which will help you to colour grade the video with the help of lut filter in vn video editor app. In this post, we have given complete information about how to do video color grade with vn app.

 Topic highlight:-

  1.  What is Vn App
  2.  top +10 cinematic vn lut presets
  3.  Download VN LUT Filter
  4.  Use vn filter in vn App
  5.  Apply vn preset in video

 What is VN App?

 Friends, before downloading the filter, it is important for us to know that the app for which we are providing video colour grading filter, 

what is the vn app?

 So friends, we would like to tell you that vn app is a free video editing app, in which we can edit the videos made by us, there are many features in vn app. But this app is used the most, so that people can easily do their videos with the help of colourgrade lut filter.

 You can download this app from Google Play Store, if you do not have it, you can download it by searching VN app in Google Play Store to download vn app.

Top +10 vn cinematic teal orange lut

 So let me tell you first. We have provided you strong VN LUT Filter in Top 10 dark cinematic vn lut especially if you want to color grade video in Cinematic filter in vn video editor app then all these filters will be very useful for you. With the help of which you can give dark cinematic look to your video. 

Vn cinematic lut filter
Cinematic VN LUT Filter

Friends, the specialty of dark cinematic VN LUT filter is that it makes your video uniq, it means to say that wherever you have made your video at any time, and you want to show cinematic sequence in that video footage, then just By applying this vn filter, your work will be done in just one click. And your video will look like a movie. Guys, we would like to tell you that this filter is available in only two or three colors except all the other colors.


 The default color is black, and one or two colors work with the preset. such as blue with dark, and any other color

 Dark red, dark green, dark yellow, there are many types. So in this post we have given all the filters to color grade the video into teal orange cinematic filter in vn video editor.

 Vn Filter name information

  • Name: 10 cinematic VN LUT 
  • Format: zip file (.cube)
  • Quantity: +10 
  • Size: 6.4 MB

 Download cinematic teal orange VN LUT FILTER

 It is very easy to download dark cinematic vn lut filter. Just have to click on the download button given in the post, as soon as you click, a zip file will open in Google Drive, then to download the file, after clicking on 3 in the top right side corner, you will get the option of download. Will download. Congratulations

 Now your vn lut filter has been downloaded.

 How To Use cinematic vn lut Filter

Well friends, you can use it anywhere, it will not refuse you at all, but to be honest, you can use it to show a cinematic dark scene, like if you want to make a cinematic footage, then in this You can apply this filter, which will make your video look better, otherwise you can use Instagram reels or anywhere else, there will be no problem but yes you should apply this filter according to the mood of the video like - if  you apply this vn dark cinematic lut filter in Bollywood videos then those videos will look absolutely beautiful.

 So hopefully you must have got the idea, where and how to use this filter, else if you face any problem while applying the filter, then you can watch our youtube videos.

 Guys this is very important, by reading it carefully you can use vn lut filter in vn aap.

  1.  How to add Vn app me filter?
  2.  How to apply LUT filter in video?

 Follow the steps given below closely.

 Step 1 Add VN LUT

  •  Open your phone file manager
  •  Go to archive file
  •  Click on your downloaded zip file
  •  Extract by password (pass in video)

Now to find your extracted file you have to again re-open your file manager And go phone manager

 Now in that visible folder, search for the name with which you extracted the file, after finding the file.

 Select All .cube file

  1.  Click Bottom Right 3 Dot
  2.  Choose Compress option
  3.  Now select compress zip file
  4.  Click on share icon
  5.  Choose edit with vn 
Password: 102031

Now you have added all the vn lut filters together in vn app, now it is your turn to apply vn lut video.  

Step 2 apply vn lut in video

  1.  Just open your vn app
  2.  Select any video to editing
  3.  You can see in buttom filter icon
  4.  Click on it
  5.  Now choose your lut to apply in video


  •  Vn App latest version
  •  Any device (above 4.0 version)
  •  4 GB Ram
  •  Free storage at least 500 MB  

Guys I hope this post will help you to cinematic colour grading in vn app 
Thanks ♥️ and love you

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