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Top 5 Best vn lut filter Download for vn video colour grading | iPhone 11 filter

  Hello friends, in today's post we are going to give you top 5 also VN Premium LUT Filter, using which you can do next level color grading in your video. So let's talk about these five premium filters that you have to download, add them to the VN app and apply unique filters to your videos. 

Highlights Topic:-

  1.  Colour enhance lut
  2. Sunkissed vn lut
  3. iPhone 13 pro Max camera filter 
  4. Black grey vn lut 
  5. Morning blue lut
  6. How to download vn lut
  7. How to use vn lut

Friends, this filter as the name suggests, that your video is going to be full of moon. Friends, after applying the filter, the color of your video will be absolutely boosted, and the special thing about the color enhanced filter is that you can apply it to any type of video, your video will not explode. And after applying the filter, you will not even need to customize the video. Because this vn lut filter  has been made perfect for all types of videos. Friends, by using the filter, your video will be enhanced in a good way.

 Like contrast, shadow, all the features are set automatically. Which does not consume your editing time, just apply color enhanced lut, and your video will be ready. So if you also want to enhance the color of your video, then definitely download this filter 

Best vn lut filter
Top best vn lut

Color enhanced

All vn lut Features

  • High quality premium lut
  • no lag
  • Premium color
  • Customize able
  • Use any device
  • Color grading just one click
  • Use offline
  • Requirement


  • Latest version vn app
  • Android iPhone iPad laptop 
  • 1 Gb of Ram 
  • Free storage of devices

Files information

  • Name: color enhance lut
  • Format: .cube
  •  Size: 864.06kb

VN Bright colour grading lut filter
Vn Filter Enhanced colour

download file

Sunkissed vn lut filter

 Friends, this filter is very special, with the help of this filter you can apply shining Vibe effect to your video. By which your video will shine like the rising sun, blooming flowers. And that's why the sunkissed lut filter is very special. And friends, let me tell you, this fitter is premium, people pay for this filter, but we are providing sunkissed filter for you free. This filter is in cube format, which can only be used in the VN video editor. And you can also customize the Sunkissed LUT Filter according to you. You will not face any problem in using it. Because we are also using this filter, it is very good, and I would like you to download and use the sunkissed lut filter.

 File information

  • Name : sunkissed lut
  •  Format : .cube
  •  Size: 864.06kb

Sunkissed vn lut filter Download
Vn lut filter

download file

 iPhone 11 promax camera LUT Filter

 Friends, who does not know about this filter, Instagram users are crazy about this iphone filter effect. People use this filter in their every video. That's when I thought why not make this iphone LUT Filter and use it offline.

 So who does not know what is iphone 13 pro LUT camera filter, then let me tell. That this filter is only visible in the iPhone. We are not able to use iphone camera effect in android because, camera in android is not of such high quality, so we have to use it by downloading iphone camera filter. And today in this post I am providing you a camera filter effect of iphone 13 pro. By downloading which you can also make video like iphone filter!

  • Name : iPhone13 pro Max lut
  •  Format : .cube
  •  Size : 864.06kb
  •        download

iPhone VN lut filter
iPhone vivid VN LUT Filter download

download file

 Black and gray lut filter Download

 So friends have no doubts about it, black gray filter is a premium filter. Because the quality that is in the black color filter is not in any filter.

 This filter is quite famous for showing Attitude. And this filter is also very good in Attitude video. So friends, I would like to tell you that if you are also thinking to make Attitude video, then this black gray filter will not add four but full moon to your video and anyway by downloading it you can apply in any video. There won't be any problem. Your video will stand out among the people.

File information

  • Name black s gray
  •  Format .cube
  •  Size: 1.17 mb
  • download file

Black dark grey vn lut filter
Black and grey vn lut

download file

 Morning blue lut filter

Friends, this filter is enough to make your morning fresh. With the help of Morning Lut Filter, you can make your video very uniq and beautiful. In just one click. You will not need to increase the color in more videos, just download this morning blue lut filter and apply it to your videos. So let's make your video Amazing with Morning blue LUT Filter.

File information

  •  Name : blue lut filter
  •  Format : .cube
  •  Size : 864.06kb
  • download file

VN Lut filter Download
Blue VN LUT Filter download


download file

How to download VN LUT

Friends  To download Lut filter, you have to click on the given download button.then your file will be downloaded.

If your file converts to (TXT) format after downloading, you have to rename it to (.cube) format{alertInfo}

 How to use lut filter in vn app

Well friends, you can use it anywhere,  but to be honest, you have to use it according the video and filter colour like if you want to make a light and  blue bright footage like iPhone 13 pro camera, then in this You can apply this filter, which will make your video look beautiful, otherwise you can use normal video or anywhere else, there will be no problem but yes you should apply this filter according to the mood of the video like - if you apply this vn bright vn  lut filter in Hollywood videos then those videos will look absolutely useless.

 So hopefully you must have got the idea, where and how to use this filter, else if you face any problem while applying the vn lut filter, then you can watch our youtube videos.

Note :Friends, the filter we have provided to you. You can use it only in vn App. Keep this in mind.

  Process to apply LUT :-

  1. Open file manager of phone device
  2.  Click on the download icon
  3.  Long press on your downloaded file
  4.  Click on share icon
  5.  Choose edit with vn app 

 After this your filter will be added to your app. Now you can use your video project and colour grade video just one click with vn lut filter

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