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Best 40 VN Lut Filter To Video colour Grade In VN App | No Password

 Hello friends .

 In today's blog post, I am giving 40 vn lut filter for vn video editor to all of you, using which we can color grade video in vn app in just one click.

 Friends, video color grading is very difficult, and even if we sit down to color grade the video, then almost half an hour will be wasted in doing video color grade. So that's why we have carefully prepared this vn lut preset for you, and you can use it for color grading any of your videos.



  1.  about 40 VN LUT Filter
  2.  Download 40 VN LUT Filter
  3.  Add vn lut filter
  4.  Apply vn lut filter
  5.  File information

 About Best 40 VN LUT Filter

 Vn lut filter tone In this 40 vn lut filter we have all the colors according to the color tone, brightness, exposure, contrast, shadow, etc.

 All these tools have been set, but if you want, you can change all the options that come in the tools accordingly. All other color tones will remain the default.

  •           This vn lut filter
  •           perfact. Color correction
  •           tool customisable
  •           Use in vn app
  •           Format .cube

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Download 40 VN LUT Filter

Download 40 VN LUT Filter: guy's To download this filter, we have added a download link in this post, after clicking on which you will be able to download this vn lut filter. 

There is no problem in downloading, that's why I am giving you the steps below, by following which you will be able to download this vn lut filter easily.

 Step 1 to download

  1.  Click download button
  2.  Link will automatically open in gdrive
  3.  Click top right corner 3 dot
  4.  Choose download option


Add vn lut filter in app

 Guy's this is very important. In this we will know how to add custom vn lut Filter in vn app after downloading vn lut.

 So let us tell you the right way to add custom filters.

 Step- to add vn lut

  1.  first open your phone file manager
  2.  Click on archive option
  3.  Now click downloaded file to extract zip
  4.  Enter password and extract it if file have password
  5.  Now go to your extracted file
  6.  Again convert All this vn lut in zip
  7.  Now select your zip by long press
  8.  Share it on vn App


 Apply 40 vn lut Filter in video

 It is important to understand closely about how to apply Vn LUT Filter, because whether the vn lut filter will work well or not, it also defines your video.

 That is why the quality of the video should be at least in Full HD. So that the vn lut filter we have provided can work well in your video.


Your video should have a natural color because if your video is already edited in another color tone, then the color of the vn filter may look different.

This vn filter will not work in black white video.

So I hope you have understood how to apply the filter to the video.

 Step to apply filter in video

  1.  Open your vn app
  2.  Choose your video to color grading
  3.  Now click filter option
  4.  Just press your added filter to apply

 File information

  •  Name : 40 vn lut filter
  •  Quantity: 1
  •  Format : zip
  •  Size :



Guy's Above we have given you all the information about vn lut filter, how many MB is the file, in which format it is.


 I hope you have liked this post of mine, click on the post below to read more similar posts. Thanks

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