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Best Android camera To make Bokeh Effect Video like DSLR

Hello friends welcome to all of you.

In today's blog post, we are going to tell you about such a camera application, using which you can blur the background of the video like dslr, and can also record, about this camera application we have written about this post. Complete information has been given inside, so read it carefully. 

Best Android camera To record Bokeh video
Blur video


Friends, I would like to explain once to all of you, if you are looking for such a camera app for Android phone in which you can record video with bokeh effect, then this is absolutely perfect for you.

Highlight Topic :-

  1. About B612 camera App 
  2. Download B612 App 
  3. Add Bokeh effect in video 
  4. You should use it 
  5. Required Device support


About B612 camera App

Guy's This is a camera app for Android, whose name is this, which has a lot more advanced features than the normal camera for making photos and videos. And by using this camera you can make high level photos and videos. I found the special feature of this camera to be Bokeh effect, which works very well, edge detection is also good, now let me tell you about all the features of this camera. 

App Features

  •  Real time camera Filter
  •  Adjustment
  •  Crop
  •  HD Video recoding 60 fps with music
  •  Trending Effect
  •  Advance color EDIT HSL tools
  •  Beauty and makeup

Friends, these are all features, which will help you to make videos and photos. But today we are talking about how you can add bokhe effect to the video. So friends, first of all you have to download B612 application from Google Play Store

B612 camera app to make blur video
B612 Camera app

Download b612 camera app

Friends, to download this application, you have to go to google play store and write its name in the search box, and you have to install it in your phone, you can see its icon here

Step to download in Google Play Store > B612 camera app just click install button

Friends, it is absolutely safe, we are also using it for many days, and Google also promotes it. So you will not have any security problem. Just don't download ApK from anywhere just to use Prime.

Add Bokeh effect in video

Now let me tell you how to add blur bokeh effect to your video with the help of this application

Friends, to add bokeh effect like dslr ke to the video from mobile, follow the steps given below carefully. 

Step -

  1.  Download B612 Camera app
  2.  Open and allow permission to use this app
  3.  Now you can see the effect option in front
  4.  Just click effect option
  5.  Go to hot section
  6.  Now choose blurred focus effect

Now you can make blur adjustment in the video according to you, swipe left and right to adjust it. Then as soon as you feel that you have perfect blur, then keep your mobile steady with the help of a stand and shoot your video.

Note: Do not shake the mobile while making the video. Otherwise your video will not be good. 


why you should use B612 camera app

Very useful for Instagram reels creator : guy's If you make reels video for Instagram, then this is absolutely perfect for you, because in this you can make selfie video with filter and bokeh effect. Which will give more beauty to your reels video. 

Benifits :- 

•Perfect blur video recording in mobile without any editing 

• lots of fun effects and filter

Required Device support

Friends, to use this camera application, you must have Android or iPhone. But if your Android version is older, then it might not support it. So you must have a new phone which is launched after 2018. You will be able to understand well from the list below.

  •  Android version 6.0 and Up
  •  4 GB Ram And 32 GB rom better experience
  •  High quality camera


Friends, I hope you can make video like dslr with the help of B612 application.

 Thank you .

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