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Top Best Instagram reels filter to video editing in VN app

 Hello friends,

In today's blog post, we are going to give you complete information about how to color grading Instagram reels videos.  With the help of which you can color grading instagram reels even offline in just one click.

 Highlight topic cover in this post

  1.  About Instagram filter
  2.  Download insta reels filter for vn app
  3.  Add insta filter for vn app
  4.  How to use insta filter in video

 About insta filter

 What is Instagram Filter?

The simple answer is, the Instagram filter changes the color of our videos, and it works only online, they have the following types of filters - eg, soft glow, iphone filter, green, and purple,  etc., you will find almost all the filters here, but we can apply it only and only in videos up to 60 seconds, that too online.  So that's why we have provided filters used in Instagram for VN editor app, which you can also use in any video of vn video editor.


Download Top best vn lut filter to edit reels video
Best vn lut

Download Instagram filter

Friends, now let us tell you, how you can download all these Instagram filters, so to download, we have given a link on this post, which will show you after 30 seconds, then as soon as the option of download now  Then click on that download button to download all the Instagram filters. 


 step for download

  1.  Click to download now
  2.  Link will open automatic in Google drive
  3.  Now you can see 3 dot Top right corner > click
  4.  Choose download option 

Your Instagram filter file will be downloaded to your phone manager.

 Add insta reels filter in vn App

Friends, after downloading the filter, tell you about how to add the filter in the vn app.

Get password (medium-bt)

Note: Before downloading the filter, definitely watch this video of mine because you will get the password in this video.

So for this, first of all, you have to open the file manager of your phone, after that follow this step given below carefully.

 Step To add filter

  1.  Go to your phone file manager
  2.  Choose archive file option
  3.  Click your download zip file
  4.  Extract it by password
  5.  Now find your extracted file in your file manager
  6.  There you can see your extracted file in cube format

So, now to add all these filters, one has to be selected and shared in the vn app, the filter will be ads in your vn app.

Use insta filter in video

 So, friends now tell you, how to use Instagram filter in video, look whatever filter we have shared to you, it looks better in portrait video only, so you can use it to make social media video. It will be better if you use only, else you can apply it in any video.

This Filter not work this type video

 Friends, we would like to tell you that the filter we are providing you, it works according to the color of your video, if your video has good color and high quality video, then the filter works well, if your If the video is not of high quality and there is no color in it, then this vn filter will not work. 

Password: 140620


 File information

  •  File name: insta filter
  •  Format: zip
  •  Quantity: 23 cube
  •  Size: 22 MB


 So friends, I hope that all these Instagram filters will definitely help you in making reels video. Thank you .

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