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Polar VN lut Filter This is very useful To status Videos Editing

Polar lut filter : Helps a video editor in color grading the video in pink, white color. The color of this filter can be increased or decreased according to the video, and with the help of all the editing tools, you can apply Polar LUT to your video correctly.

Pink white polar lut All colors have already been customized according to the filter in this vn preset. 

Polar filter to video editing
Polar lut filter 

 Topic Highlight:-

 1. About polar lut

 - file information

 - insight filter

 2. Download new polar lut filter

 3. Ads the filter in vn video editor app

 4. Apply filter in video

 5. Conclusion

What is vn App

VN video editor is ek video editing software, this app provides high quality video editing features to the user, including slow motion, video trim, layer, sticker etc. feature. And the most important thing that is in the application is the option to add custom filters, unlimited in this, you can do the filter in video color grading as per your choice. 


 About polar lut filter

Polar lut filter: This filter is most popular in India for making WhatsApp status, because Polar video filter is very clear to see, and the viewers are just kept watching. With the help of this filter, pink white color video can be made in VN app in just one click.

Polar filter for status video : guy's If you want to make WhatsApp status video, then this filter will enhance the beauty of your video more.

     -  filter features

   • Customisable

   • noise free color

   • use in vn app

If you have information about video and photo tools, then let us tell you. This filter has been made by using all the editing tools in the Polar LUT filter.

 • Brightness • Contrast • Gamma • Curve • Colom, etc. 

Download 40 VN lut (download) 

Download All this Polar Lut 

Polar lut filter download

To download this filter, you will show a download button inside the post, by clicking on it you can download this polar vn lut filter, below I have told you all the steps to download.


Step to download polar lut:

 1. Click download button

 2. Link will open automatic in new window (Google drive)

 3. Click Top right corner 3 dot

 4. Choose option > Download

 You have finally downloaded this sister.



 Friends, this is the best part of this article, that how you can add this filter in VN app. Because if there is a small mistake while adding custom lut filter in vn aap, then the filter will not work or the filter will be re-added. So that's why to add the filter, read the option given below carefully.


Step to Add polar lut in vn app

 1. open your phone file manager

 2. Go to archive option

 3. Click your downloaded filter file

If this file has a password, then this file has to be extracted by entering the password. Now find your extracted file in your file, and select that file and share it in vn app.

Apply vn lut filter in video

Friends, before applying this filter, it is very important for you to know about applying the filter. So that you can apply the filter in the right way in your video.

From the list given below, you can understand how to apply filters to videos.


Right method to apply vn lut

 1. Video should be in full hd

 2. Or else it doesn't work in the first Quiet Color video

 3. Video must not be pre-edited


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