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Lightroom Vivid iPhone Preset । Feel like real iPhone Photo

This iphone filter helps android user to make photo like iphone camera filter, so that user can make his normal photo like iphone photo with the technique of Lightroom preset.

In this post, we will give you all the information about iphone vivid filter, how you can download it, and how you can copy paste your iphone filter to your photo.


Highlight :-

  1. About Lightroom App
  2. Vivid iPhone lr preset 
  3. Download iPhone Vivid DNG Lightroom preset
  4. Add Dng preset 
  5. Apply Lightroom preset
  6.  About Lightroom app 

What is the lightroom mobile?

The Lightroom mobile app is a free application that allows photographers to edit their images from anywhere using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can view your photos, adjust settings, and share them directly through email, social media, or other apps.


1. How does it work?

Lightroom mobile works like any other photo editing software. You open the app, select the image you want to edit, then make changes to its settings. Once you’re done, you can save the edited image back to your camera roll or send it off via email or social media.


2. Why should I use the lightroom mobile? (Why not just use Photoshop?)

There are many reasons why you might want to use Lightroom mobile instead of Photoshop. First, it’s free! Second, it’s easy to learn. Third, it has a lot of great features. And fourth, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

About iPhone Lightroom preset

Iphone Vivid filter This filter is a preset designed to look like an iphone with the help of editing in the Lightroom application, using contrast, brightness, saturation, color etc.

 The special thing about this photo is that it also makes your normal photo professional which looks very beautiful in appearance.  Below I tell you all the features of this preset, so that it will be easy for you all to understand. 

iPhone Vivid preset for Lightroom preset
iPhone Vivid filter 



  •  Perfect Color Accurate
  •  Customize 
  •  Nice free color
  •  Re editing in Lightroom

Best Lightroom preset (download) 

iPhone Vivid filter This filter is of a dng format, which is very easy to use, in the next post we will talk about it Vivid iPhone filter can be used only in lightroom application.  And it can be changed according to you or according to the color of the photo. 

file information

  •  file name: iPhone Vivid filter 
  •  Format: Lightroom DNG
  •  Quantity: 1
  •  Work only Lightroom App

Download  Lightroom iPhone filter 

To download Iphone vivid filter, we have given a download button in this post, by clicking on which you can download this iphone filter in your phone, I have given below the complete process of downloading to all of you, then that too Read so that it will be easy for you to understand.

 Step To download filter

  • >click top download button > link will open automatic in (Google drive)
  • >Now click top right corner > choose download option

Now your file is downloaded in your phone

How to add Lightroom preset

Add iPhone Vivid filter in Lightroom mobile

Before adding the preset, make sure that the filter you are going to add is which format filter because the method of adding both xmp and dng formats is different.

 Add Dng preset

Follow this step To Add iPhone DNG preset in Lightroom

  • Open your phone manager > go to download option
  •  Find your downloaded iPhone DNG filter
  • Select your iPhone filter dng > share it on Lightroom

And also share your photo in Lightroom application, in which photo you want to apply this filter,

Now you have added filters and photos in the Lightroom application. 

How to apply Lightroom preset

How to apply light room preset to photo? And also how to apply. I will tell you the correct way.

Always keep these things in mind before applying any preset in Lightroom, so that your preset will work perfectly, and the color of your photo will not be lost.

 Right method to apply iPhone Vivid filter 

  • Choose your best quality photo To get best result of iPhone filter
  • Photo should be natural color
  • You can customize in this preset according to your photo color

Follow this step to apply Lightroom iPhone Vivid preset

  1.  Open your lr app
  2.  Select your Added dng photo to copy preset
  3.  >Click top right corner 3 dot > choose copy preset

Now coming back to your Lightroom homepage, select your photo to which you want to apply the preset. and then

  1. Now open your photo and again 
  2. click 3 dot > choose option paste preset

Now you can see that the iphone filter has been added to your photo.



I hope you have understood from this post of ours, how to add iphone filter to photo.

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