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Realistic iPhone VN LUT Filter To Instagram Reels Video Editing

Hello friends, in today's blog post, I am going to tell you all about how to edit video like iphone camera filter in VN app, in this post we have explained how to make video like iphone in this post.  So that you can understand better about video editing 



  1. What is iPhone lut Filter
  2. Requirement To video colour grade like iPhone filter 
  3. Download iPhone filter 
  4. How to Add realistic iPhone Lut Filter in vn app 
  5. Apply iPhone filter in video

What is iPhone VN LUT FILTER.

 iPhone filter: guy's It has golden and bright tones, and sets saturation, exposure, and all other tools to a point by color, then it's a .cube format file with the help of a computer  , which we use in vn App for video color grading.

Most people use this iPhone filter to make Instagram videos, and to be honest, after using this iPhone filter, your video is going to be more refined,

iPhone Filter To video colour grading in VN app
iPhone Filter for VN App

Requirement to video color grading like iPhone filter

 To make video like iPhone filter, first of all you should have these two things, with the help of which we are going to make video like iPhone.

  1.  VN Video Editor App
  2.  iPhone Filters .cube format

Vn Video Editor App: You can easily download from google paly store, just go to google play store and search vn app, after that download iphone filter given in my post.

note: that the filter is password protected, the password will go to you in my youtube video.

Download iPhone vn lut filter for video color grade

How to download friends iphone loot filter.  For this we have made in below step 

Follow this step-to download iPhone filter

 Step -

  1.  click to download
  2.  link will automatic open in google drive
  3.  Now click top right corner 3 dot
  4.  Choose option download
  5.  Now open your Google drive you can see there are one zip file name is Latest realistic iPhone vn lut filter
  6.  Click 3 dot on zip file
  7.  There you have to choose option download

 Download complete

 How To Add iPhone Lut filter in vn app

 Friends, this is very important, here you will be able to understand closely how to add iPhone filter in vn app, there are many ways to add filter but here we tell you the easy way, these steps to add iPhone filter Follow up

Follow this step to Add Iphone filter in VN App

  1.  Open your phone file manager
  2.  Click archive option
  3.  Now there you can see your downloaded iPhone lut Filter in Zip file
  4.  Click zip file to extract
  5.  Enter password
  6.  Now select all extracted file to again convert in zip format
  7.  Now click right buttom 3 dot
  8.  Choose option > compress
  9.  Compress to current folder

Now the work of adding iPhone filter to the vn app is almost done, now select that zip file and share it in the vn app, now your iPhone filter has been added.

Apply iphone filter in Video

Friends, now we will tell you how to apply iPhone filter to your video and in which type of video you should apply this filter.

 Look, first of all, this filter can be applied to any video, but it is important to keep these things in mind that this is an iPhone camera filter, so most use Instagram is used to make real videos because Iphone filter people like very much in instagram 

File information 

Name: iPhone Filter 
Format: zip(.cube) 
Quantity: 1 
Size: 4 MB (6.8MB) 

Password : 171615



 Friends, I hope that with the help of this post, you must have known how to make videos like iPhone filter in the VN app

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