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How To colour grade Gaming Video In VN App

Hello friends, in today's blog post, we are going to tell you how to colorgrade gaming videos from mobile, as well as tell you all about the best color grading app, in which with the help of filters, as you want.  Can do colorgrading of gameplay videos.  So for this, you should also have vn app application in your phone so that video color grading will be easier with the help of custom filters. 

How to colour grade Gaming Video
Gaming video colour grading 

About vn app & features 

VN App is a video color grading or video editing application in which users can use custom filters and color grading their videos according to their convenience. 

There are many more features in this video editing application such as slow motion video editing and also many templates for Instagram reels videos. And also you can edit 4k video in it. It does not get any watermark. It is also the most popular and best for NF video editing, especially people use for video color grading and making Instagram videos.

How to video colour grading

For this, first of all, do a good screen recording of your gameplay video, if one of your gameplay is recorded in high quality, then record it in high quality only and keep it soft and HD by going to the graphics setting. So that your gameplay video is recorded in natural color, so that you can get better results while editing the video later. 

Step 2

To edit the video, open the vn app and add a new project to it, then download and add the color filter we have provided in this post, how do you add custom filters in VN? Now just after adding the filter, apply it to your video. 


Shrapen +4 

And customise all tool setting according to your video footage 

Get password(normal-bt) 

 Discription filter 

This is a VN Lut preset specially designed for color grading gaming videos. If you want to color grading gameplay videos like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire, this filter preset will be of great help to you. In this post, we have provided you with a total of 5 presets for color grading gaming video

Quality luts
Supported All device
Easy to apply
Design for gaming
Only use for video
File name gaming lut
Formt : cube
Size: 7M


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