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New +15 whatsapp status lut filter for vn app

Hello friends, in today's blog post we are going to provide you whatsapp status filter for vn app, this filter can be used for color grading status video or instagram reels video, but to use it For this you need to have vn app, or vn video editor can be downloaded from google play store. 
Blue VN lut filter

This video editor app allows you to use custom filters, you can easily color grading your videos according to you with the help of custom filters. In this post we have given you filter collection in which you will find more than 10 filters which include pink grey, black white, and other color filters. 

WhatsApp status filter : is in pink and white color, which people use to make special videos beautiful and HD, which looks high quality, this filter is used the most especially in beat sync videos. 
what's app status filter, people put in the story of their social media account, whether facebook, instagram, whats app, all these applications have the option of applying status. 

About vn Video Editor App 

This is a video editor application whose name is also VN video editor and it works like an editing application, in this you can edit your video in a very easy way, in which you get many features 
such as - slow motion video editing and As well as chroma key, you also get many features in it like in animation and out animation together with you key frame, you get all these features in this application and the most important thing is that you do not get any water mark in it. This application is most popular for Instagram reels video editing, if you are a creator, then you can also share with your friends by creating Instagram reels video project through this application.

What's app status vn filter use 

Friends, this filter is of cube format, which is very easy to use, the way we edit our photos by copy-pasting the presets in the Lightroom application, in the same way we can use this filter by adding it to our vn video editor app. Friends, if you want to know how to add this filter in Vn video editor app, then you can read this page of ours.  

Friends, you can use this filter in any video, you decide according to your video, which filter suits your video the most, according to us, if you use this filter for reels video and whatsapp status If you do then you will get better result. 

Download whatsapp status filter

To download the WhatsApp status filter, we have given you a download button in this post, which will appear after 30 seconds, after clicking on it, you can download this filter if you face any problem in downloading. You can message us directly on Instagram. But before downloading this filter, keep in mind that you know about the password of this filter and if you want to know about the password, then definitely watch this video

Step To download

When you click on the download button, you will be automatically redirected to Google Drive or Media Fire. From where you can download the file.  


Friends, whenever you apply this filter, at least your video quality should be in HD and there should be no noise in it so that our filter can work well in your video. Before applying the filter, you should select a good quality video, at least your video quality should be in 1080p. 

Latest version vn video editor
Storage space 32GB
Ram 4GB 
iPhone/Android/premiere pro 
Features of filter

Quality colour grade lut
Supported All device
Only for video
Easy to use
Name what's app vn lut
Format cube
Size : 16 M

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