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White Skin Lut For VN App To Video Filter 2022

Hello friends.  In today's blog post, we are going to provide you all with white skin color tone filters, which you can use to do color grading in your video editing app.  This filter will convert your face skin to white color but before that we would like to tell you that this filter can be used only and only in VN application and if you have any other editing software then you must make sure  Whether your editing application supports filters of this format or not. 

What is white skin colour filter 

Friends, this filter works by replacing the color of your face and adding white color to it. As we all know that the color of our face is orange yellow, so we have replaced this color with white color tone. And let us tell you that this filter will work only on the video, you can apply it in any type of your video. 

This white skin color filter allows the user to create white color videos that can be applied with just a single click and color grade the video to white tone automatically. This white tone filter also improves the quality of the video, because, it provides a high quality color to your video. 

Topic cover

  1. About VN Luts 
  2. Supported software
  3. Download filter 
  4. Add custom filters
  5. Apply filter  
Vn lut pure white colour filter
VN filter white color 


What is vn lut? This is a pre-built preset for video editing and color grading, which help you a lot in video color grading, using which you can color grading your videos in just one click. Just like we apply presets to photos with the help of presets to photos in Lightroom Mobile, it works in the same way. This video editing preset is amazing for Instagram frills videos, with the help of this preset your Instagram reels video will get quality as well as shine in the video. Because we have painstakingly created it, and has a professional preset. And if you are an Instagram creator then this filter should be used by definition. 

Customised option 

After applying this video editing preset, it can also be customized, in this you can adjust the brightness and contrast according to you, all these tools can change the accordion of the video, although it is not necessary to make changes, but still you all know Filter always works according to your video as your video will be the quality of filter will also be so good. 

Supported All devices

This video editing filter will support Android and iPhone all devices. Just the latest vn app should be installed in your app. You can easily download this VN app from your App Store and Google Play Store. 

White skin lut features
High quality colour
Supported All device
Easy to use
Colour grade
Only for video
Name : white skin lut
Format : .zip (.cube)
Size : 6M

Download white skin colour filter 

To download this filter, we have provided the download link in this post. Which you will see after 30 seconds.  After this you click on that download option, then a new window will open in front of you Google Drive or Media Fire.  After this you will get the download option there, by clicking on it your file will be downloaded in your phone. 

How to add filter in vn app 

To add this filter, we have made a separate page, by clicking on it you can know how the filter is added in the vn app. But if you have any problem then you can message us on Instagram. Android or iPhone 

How to add custom vn lut (normal-bt) 

Apply filter in video 

You can apply this filter to any video.  Especially this filter is best for making Instagram videos because it is a white color tone filter.  And almost all Instagram video creators use it. 

This filter is most commonly used on short video platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to create short videos.  This filter is specially applied to bring glow on the face so that your face turns into white tone and you look beautiful in the video.  But after downloading the filters, it is also necessary to apply them properly, we would like to tell you that your video quality should be good and it should not be pre-edited, only then this filter will be able to work well in the video. 

Must watch this video to get password of filter 

password (normal-bt)

Filter password: 0507


We hope you liked our post and also liked this filter. You can read our other posts to get more similar filters. 

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