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Urban And Blue Mattel Luts To VN Video Editor App

Hello friends, in today's post, we are going to provide custom filters for VN editor app.  With the help of this LUT filter, color grading of the video in urban color can be done easily.  Which is named - urban luts filter This filter user can use for color grading their videos.  The urban luts filter color grades the video very well.  And this filter is most used to make Instagram reels videos.  So if you are also looking for Urban Color LUT Filter for VN Video Editor then you have come to the right post.  On this post you will get complete information about how to color grade video with lut filter. 

Urban Luts Filter
Urban and blue Mattel Luts 

But before that, let's know about color grading, what is color grading and how is it done? So look, color grading means when a photo or video is changed by default color and changed with a different color, it is called color grading. 

Color grading tool. There are many editing applications to do color grading, which have HSL tool feature, by using these future users can change the color of their video and can do color grading of the video. But initially the user does not have much knowledge about the HSL tool to do color grading, due to which he is not able to color grading the video. But with the help of LUTs filter, users can color grading their videos in a single click. Using LUTs, the user does not have to make any effort to do video color grading. 

Highlights - 

You can colour Grade your video in urban colour just one click to use VN App 

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Topic cover - 

  1. What is the luts
  2. Vn video editor
  3. Download urban luts 
  4. Add luts filter
  5. Apply luts filter
  6. Instruction To Apply filter
  7. Conclusion 

What is the luts - 

Let's know what is luts? And how to do this video color grading? The full form of LUT is - look-up table. LUT filter is a color grading file. Also called custom filter. This filter is made only once. And then any user can use that filter for lifetime. The setting of hsl, brightness, and other tools are set inside luts. So as we have told you - how to color grade video with urban luts. 

Install VN Video Editor App - 

How to use luts? If you are an Android and iPhone user, then VN video editor app is required to use this urban luts filter. This is a video editing application, there is an option to add custom luts. So install VN App on your device from Google Play Store or App Store.

Download urban luts

download urban luts . The link to download urban luts will be found on the post itself. Click on that download link. After this the urban luts filter will be downloaded automatically on the phone. The downloaded file will be in zip format which will have the password attached. So watch this video of ours to get password. But if you are facing any difficulty in downloading the filter then you should use any other browse

Step - Download

Click download button that's it 

Add urban luts Filter in VN App 

To apply custom filter to video after download, first of all you have to add it in vn video editor app. How to add custom filter in vn app? So first of all extract the downloaded zip file and use Zip Master application to extract the file. After this, compress the extracted file again into a zip file and share that zip file in vN App, so that you can add all the filters to the vn app at once. And if you want, after extracting the file, you can select the extracted file and share it in the vn editor app. This will also add your luts filter. Take care The downloaded zip file will not be directly added to the vn app because it contains the password. 

Apply urban luts filter in video 

how to use custom filter in vn app ? To apply the filter to the video, first of all open one of your videos on VN App. After this you will get the option of filter below, after clicking on the option of that filter, you will see the filter you have added, now whatever filter you like, you can apply it to your video by clicking on that filter. 

Customize option

If you want to change the brightness and exposure of the filter, then you can do so by using the customize tool provided in the vn app. You can also increase or decrease the temperature. Use sharpen according to the video. 

Instruction To Apply 

If a video has already been color grading, then this filter will not be able to work properly in it. Do not apply filters on black and white videos. If you have a high quality camera, then try to make high quality video and apply filters on it. 

Conclusion - 

We hope that you liked this post of ours. And the video will also have to be color graded with the help of custom filters. So if you want to download more similar filters, then you can read our more posts. If you have any suggestion related to color grade in your mind then you comment us. Message us on insta to connect with us. Thank you . 

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