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Traveling Vlog Video Colour Grading With Top 17 Luts

In today's post, we are going to give you information about how to color grading videos of cold days. That is, in this post I am going to tell you all this tutorial step by step, how to add smoke effect to the video with winter effect. With the help of this post, you can color grading your traveling vlog videos very well, especially if you are a YouTube content creator and make traveling vlog videos on your channel, then - This winter effect video color grading post Will help a lot in color grading the video. Before this, 

How to colour Grade traveling vlog video
Video colour grading 


Let us tell you a little information about Traveling vlog  video editing and color grading. Watch Traveling Video is always suit in outdoor in which you travel to very beautiful beautiful places especially you capture nature in your traveling video which is very nice to see. But the row video shot with the camera is not able to give pleasure to your viewers. That is why there is a need to do color grading along with editing in the video. So let's know how to color grade traveling videos?  

About This post - 

This post will help YouTube content creators making traveling blog videos to do color grading of videos. 

Topic cover - 

  1. To use this App to video colour Grade
  2. App features
  3. How to colour Grade traveling vlog video with winter effect and smoke effect 
  4. Download winter effect luts filter
  5. Add luts filter in Vn app
  6. Instruction To Apply filter
  7. Conclusion  

1. Video Editing App To colour Grade

So for this you will need a video editing application named VN video editor app. This application is available for both Android and iOS as well as laptop users can also use this application. This is a video editor app in which users can edit their videos in a very easy way, in which many features have been provided to edit the video such as green screen remove slow motion preset and layer option to add photo video Is found . 

best features of this app - One of the special features of this video editor is that it is very easy to color grade the video because in this application you can use custom filters created by yourself. Example - Lightroom presets are used to edit photos in the Lightroom application. 

All Editing features - 
  • Trim/ split
  • Photo video sticker - layer 
  • Chroma key
  • Preset To Make slow fast video 
  • Colour filter 
  • Add custom lut 
  • Free unlimited online sticker
  • Key frame animation 
  • Animation effect 

2. How to colour Grade traveling vlog video

So let's talk now how to color grading traveling vlog video in this application? So first you open your application and after opening click on the plus icon appearing in front to open it to edit your video footage. Now to color grading the video, here you will get the option of filter, you can use the given by default filter by clicking on the option of that filter. But here we are going to tell you about Winter Effect Video Color Grading which is a custom filter. So you have to add this custom filter first in this application. But to add the filter, you have to download this filter. 

3. Download winter effect VN luts 

To download the winter effect filter, you will see a download link in this post, by clicking on which you can download this filter in your device.  
Before downloading this filter, we want to give you some information about what is a filter and how does it work? So see the full form of LUT filter is look-up-table. With the help of this filter, users can color grading their videos in a single click. Because in LUT filter, the settings of contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, hsl, sharpen, all these are already set according to the preset. Presets are made of many colors and all these presets are made by an editor expert.

4. Add winter effect luts filter in VN App 

Follow the instructions below carefully to add the filter. So that you can easily add this winter effect filter to the vn app. 
So first of all find the downloaded zip file in your phone's file manager. 
After that select that zip file by long pressing and then click on 3dot icon. 
Now you have to click on the share option and then click on the vn app shown below. Now this custom winter effect filter of yours has been added to the VN app.

5. Apply smoke and winter effect luts to colour Grade traveling vlog video

Now our process is almost over, now all you have to do is apply this filter to the video. So let's understand about how to apply the filter to the video. Now again open this video of yours in VN app, the video you want to color grading, after that go to filter option. Here you will find the winter effect filter you have added. Swipe left right to find the filter. After this, by clicking on that filter, the winter effect will be added to the video. So in this way you can color grading your traveling video with a very easy method. But there are some conditions for applying filters in the video - which you have to follow otherwise even after applying the filter, the color grading of the video will not be good. 

Add smoke effect in video 

To add smoke effect to video, first of all download smoke effect by clicking on this download button. Now to use this effect, we will click on the layer option. And then we will add it to the layer, after that in the vn editor app you will get an option named - blending. Click on it and select Screen option. Now you can see in the video smoke effect has also been added. 

6. Instruction To Apply filter

Use a good camera while making the video, either if you have a DSLR, then suit your video with it, it will improve the quality of your video. And if you are a smartphone user then try to record good quality video with your phone's camera. Because the better the quality of your video, the better the color grading of the video will be. 
  • Avoid applying filters to already color graded videos. 
  • The filter doesn't work in black and white videos.  


So we hope this post helped you to color grade your traveling videos. If you have any suggestion related to editing, then you tell us your opinion by commenting. Wait for our new post to read more similar editing related content. Thank you. 

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