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Top 25 + Light yellow Lightroom DNG Presets

Hello friends. In today's post, I am going to provide you the most beautiful filters for Lightroom mobile application, by using which you can do great editing to your photos. This Lightroom Mobile presets will apply very high quality color to your photos to convert your photos to more HD. 

Yellow Lightroom presets
Yellow Lightroom presets 

So friends, if you also want to make a beautiful photo for your social media account and want to attract your friends towards your photo, then this post is very useful for you because in this we are going to tell you that this Lightroom How do you edit photos by applying presets to your photos? We are going to tell you more information related to Lightroom in this post, so read this post carefully, so that you can understand editing the photo well. 

About This post:

In this post we have told you about Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom presets. In this post, you will find a tutorial on how to download Lightroom presets and apply them to your photos. 

Topic cover:

  1. About Lightroom mobile App 
  2. Light yellow Lightroom presets
  3. Features
  4. Download light yellow Lightroom presets
  5. Add Lightroom presets
  6. Apply presets in photo
  7. Conclusion

About Lightroom mobile App

Lightroom mobile application is a photo editing application for Android mobile, in which users can do color grading and editing of their photos in a professional way, in this application, many great features have been given to edit photos. Lightroom Mobile Application belongs to Adobe company which makes photo editing applications. The Lightroom mobile application is trending at number one in the Google Play Store and is also very popular, with its downloads exceeding 100 million in India. Talking about 

The most special features of this application, it has Lightroom preset copy paste option. With the help of this option, it is easy for users to do photo color grading. And recently a new update has come in lightroom mobile, in this update you can also color grading your video in lightroom mobile application. The Lightroom mobile application can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. 

Light yellow Lightroom presets

So in this post, as we have told you in the beginning, I am going to provide you this lightroom preset, with the help of which you can like your photo, you can do color grading in just one click in the mobile application, the name of this preset Has Light Yellow Lightroom Presets. This Lightroom Mobile Presets is the best Lightroom presets for color grading social media photos. You can also see a preview of this preset on the photo. Especially if you upload photos to social media apps like Instagram Facebook, then this preset is very good. 

 customize light yellow preset 

We've done a lot of customization in creating this preset, such as brightness contrast and temperature HSL, with all of these editing tools. But we would like to tell you that in all these settings you can make changes according to your photo. It is very easy to customize. Next we are going to tell you about it. 

Features Of This presets

Light Yellow Lightroom Preset is high quality preset and it works on any photo and convert that photo to high quality. 

Light yellow Lightroom
Quality colour
Supported All devices
Easy to use
Customize option
Work video and photo
Android iPhone
NAME : Light Yellow lr
FORMAT : DNG (zip)
Size : Approx 10M

Download light yellow Lightroom presets

Now we show you how to download this Yellow Light Lightroom preset on your phone. So let us tell you to download this Lightroom Mobile Presets, you will get a link in this post by clicking on which you will be able to download this preset very easily in your phone. How to download presets. For this we have given some tips below, which you can read and download this Lightroom Mobile Presets easily. 

  • First of all you have to wait for 30 seconds by opening the post. 
  • After that you will get the download link in the post. 
  • After clicking on that download link you may be redirected to Google Drive. 
  • So in Google Drive also you will get the option of download, 
  • you can download the file by clicking on that download arrow. 

And if you're having trouble downloading the Light Yellow Lightroom preset, you can use a browser other than Chrome browser that doesn't have your Gmail ID login. 

Add light yellow Lightroom presets 

Now after downloading the Lightroom Mobile presets, we need to add them to our Lightroom mobile application to use it.  So we would like to tell you how to add dng lightroom and ex-mp lightroom presets, for this we have created a separate page by reading which you can add lightroom presets of both these formats to your lightroom mobile app.  And if you are still able to add Lightroom mobile application then you can watch its tutorial in youtube. 

Apply Lightroom presets

Before applying Lightroom Mobile presets, keep all these things in mind below. 

  • Your photo should be in natural color. 
  • And it should be of good quality. 
  • White and black color preset will not work on the photo. 
  • Applying presets to an already edited photo may damage the photo.

Now let us tell you how to apply this preset on your photo. So first open the Lightroom mobile application and click on the plus button to add one of your photos to which you want to apply the presets. Now add the downloaded Lightroom DNG presets to the Lightroom mobile application. 

There are two ways to add photos and DNG Lightroom presets, 

either by opening the Lightroom mobile application and clicking on the plus button, or by opening your gallery to share any photo in the Lightroom mobile app. In this way you will be able to add your photo to Lightroom app. Now first open DNG Lightroom Preset in Lightroom Mobile and then 3 dot will be visible in top right corner click on it and select copy setting option. Now go to the home page of lightroom mobile and open your photo on which you want to apply the preset, after opening the photo again click on the same 3dot and this time press the paste setting option now your preset The photo has been applied. 


We hope that with the help of this Lightroom Mobile presets, you have done better color grading of your photos. To download more similar presets, read our previous post. If you have any suggestion related to Lightroom mobile app then you must tell us by commenting. Thank you. 

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