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Video Colour Grade With Top Cinematic Luts Filter

In today's post, I am sharing Top Cinematic Luts Filter with all of you. With the help of all these luts, there will be a lot of help in making cinematic videos. Any YouTube video content creator can give a cinematic look to a video in just one click with cinematic filters. For example, nowadays people make blog videos on YouTube, in which the intro of many YouTubers is cinematic, which is very much liked by the viewer. So let's how to grade cinematic video color from mobile. 

Tips To Make cinematic Video 

By the way, let us tell you that many types of effects are used to make the video cinematic. In which first cinematic video shooting trick is adopted, such as - B roll, video shooting, drone shooting, subject tracking, and many more techniques. Now after shooting the video well. To give cinematic effect to the video, the video is added to the editing app. Then add transition, layer effect, background music in it. But it takes a lot of effort to grade the video into cinematic colors. And Android doesn't even have much features to grade video colors. But don't worry. In this post, we are going to tell you that how can you do good video color grade from Android smartphone. 

Highlights - 

Users can grade the video in cinematic color in a single click by using the LUT filter. This Luts supports both Android and laptop. 

Cinematic Luts Filter
Top cinematic Luts 

Topic cover- 

  1. How to colour Grade video in Cinematic with Luts filter
  2. Download Top Cinematic Luts Filter To VN App 
  3. Add Cinematic Luts in VN App 
  4. Apply Cinematic Luts Filter in Video 
  5. Special features of VN Luts
  6. Conclusion

How to colour Grade video in Cinematic with Luts filter 

Use VN app - in Android/iPhone/Laptop to do cinematic color grading of the video. VN App is a popular free video editing application in which the user gets the option to add custom filters (.cube). vn app is also known as vlog now. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store / App Store / Official Website /. 

Features - 

Video creator in VN app to create attractive cinematic videos. Many features are available. Such as - 10,15 transitions, some default LUTs filters, speed and slow motion presets, editing tools, multiple layers, online unlimited stickers, 4k export option, by using all these features, the user can customize and edit his videos in a good way 

Download Top Cinematic Luts Filter To VN App 

Download luts - To download Cinematic Luts Filter, a download button will be found in this post.  By clicking on that download button user can download zip file of cinematic luts filter.

File information 

File Name : Cinematic Luts

Features : video colour grading

Format : .cube (Zip) 

Quantity : 50 + Luts 

Add Cinematic Luts in VN App

To Add cinematic Luts - To add the luts filter to the VN app, first of all make sure that the given cinematic Luts zip is downloaded to the device or not.  The downloaded zip file will be found in the phone's file manager.  Now select that zip format and share it in VN app.  Long press on the zip file to select it.  After this, go to the option of 3dot and click on share.  If you will see many apps to share here, then find the vn app by swiping left right and share it. 

You can make category of luts in VN App 

Now all the cinematic has been added to the luts vn app. 

If you face unsupported vn Luts error while adding luts so follow This instruction To fix vn unsupported problem

Note : don't use chorme browser Because when downloading the lut zip file from it, it automatically adds the TXT extension. This causes an error while adding the filter to the vn app(alert-warning)

Apply Cinematic Luts Filter in Video 

To apply Cinematic LUTs to the video, open a single video to edit. After that go to the filter option at the bottom. Now all the added cinematic filters will be visible. By clicking on these, cinematic Luts will be applied in the video. 

Customize VIDEO Before Apply luts 

Before applying any type of LUTs in the video, adjust the brightness, saturation, exposure, of the video well with the adjustment tool. By doing this, custom LUTs color grade the video properly.


Special features Advanced vs Disadvantages 

Advantages -

Vn Luts is very easy to use. The user will be able to download LUTs of that color from the internet and apply to the video in whatever color he wants to color grade the video. Website to download custom filter - 

• suno Editor lutpreset 

Disadvantages of luts -

The color of the luts cannot be customized. Does not work well on low quality or low color videos. 

Suggest - Always make the video in high quality, and keep the natural color of the video, it is very easy to do color grading of this type of video by applying LUTs filter. 

To best option to Record High quality video

You can use good camera like dslr and good smartphone to record video. 

Option to - best quality video recording product 

Cannon : 200D 

Smartphone : Vivo under 20000 thousand 


Conclusion - 

My opinion about Cinematic LUTs - Using LUTs to color grade the video is a better option, but it depends on the user how he uses the LUTs on the video. So I hope this post of ours has given a lot of information to color grade the video in cinematic. 

If you have any suggestion related to the post, then comment us about it. Thank you. 

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