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Dark Yellow Colour Tone New Filter To VN And Lightroom App

Hello friends, welcome to all of you again on a new post. In today's post, we are going to provide you a new filter for video color grading which will help you to color grade Instagram real and any video. So let's know how you will use this filter and what color is the video filter, we will talk about it further.  

Insight post - 

  • From this post you will be able to download Luts Filters for Video Color Grading 
  • It wil help you to make instagram reels video with new filter 

Dark Yellow video filter
Dark Yellow Filter

What is the Video Luts Filter

Video Luts - This is a video filter that video editors use to do video color grading and video filters are very easy to use, and without any editing, color grading can be done in a single click on the video filter. There are many variants of which have different colored filters. For example, cinematic video filters are used to enhance the color of cinematic videos.

Importance of filter in video editor

Using video filters, you don't have to do anything manually to color grade the video. Video filters automatically set brightness contrast and color temperature. But first of all make sure that the color tone in which you want to color grade the video, the LUT filter should be of the same tone. 

What is colour in thi Luts 

This is a dark yellow color filter, they grade the video color in dark yellow 

Features - 

  • Easy to use 
  • Work in VN App And premiere pro
  • Customize option
  • High Quality Colour
  • Shareable

How To use This Dark Yellow filter - 

Requirements -

You will need Android or Iphone or Premiere Pro to use this filter. 

Install VN App Android users can use the help of VN app to use the filter. And iPhone users will also be able to use this dark yellow filter from the VN Video Editor app itself. And if you use Premiere Pro then this filter also supports Premiere Pro.

If you want to know how Add and apply filter in VN App then Go to our Documentation page  


Detail of luts filter 


Format : Cube (Zip)

Work : Video Colour Grade

Quantity : 1 

File Size : 6MB 


I hope you have liked this filter and it has helped you a lot in grading video color. In my opinion, if you want to use new filters for Instagram, then this is a better option for you 

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