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Apply Reels Filter Offline Without Use Instagram - 24 fps Polar App

Color grade any video in a single click with this application - polar 24fps 

If you want your video to be color grading in a single click like Instagram reels filter, and many types of filters can be applied in it. So this post is for you, in this we will tell you how to apply filters to videos from this application  

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Hello everyone 

Welcome all of you again on a new post, in today's post we show you how to apply each type of filter in single click without using any Instagram app. 

24 fps App
Video filter app

Friends, whenever we edit the video or add color filters to it, then for this we apply filters on online videos in Instagram, but many times we are not able to make the video properly, so in this case the filter is applied on the video. Doesn't look good either. So that's why in today's post we are going to tell you about an application in which you can apply offline filters to videos 

How to apply instagram reels filter offline 

Install 24 fps App So friends, for this you have to install this application from Google Play Store or App Store of iPhone. This is a video editing app with the help of which different filters can be applied in the video. 

Example - As we apply offline filters on photos to edit photos in Lightroom mobile application, it also works on videos in the same way. Below we are providing the link of this video editing app for Android, then click on that link and install the app on Android. iPhone users go to their App Store and search the name of this application. 

How to use filter in 24fps App

After installing this application for the first time, a new account has to be created in it, so to create an account, create your id by entering your name and a new password and then login. You can also watch our video to know about it in detail 

About -option of 24Fps App

At the bottom of the application you will find four options. Discover, Search, Profile, and Edit 

  1. By going to the Discover option, you can find the filter of your choice and you can also click on the filter you like and add it to your profile, it will be saved on your profile 
  2. With the help of Search option, you can find the filter by searching by the name of the filter 
  3. Your name and detail will be there on the option of Profile as well as your added filter will also be visible 
  4. Now to apply filter in video go to Edit option and follow all condition mentioned below 

Use method of 24fps app 

So friends, after coming to the edit option, here you will get the option to add a video, then add that video on which you want to apply the filter, after that open the added filter and now apply the filter in it. There are two ways to apply filters. 

First - Go to discover option and from there apply the filter on the video. 

Another - Before editing the video, add the filter first by going to the Discover option, after that this added filter will appear on the filter option while editing the video. After this, you can also apply filters on your video by going to the filter option 

More information - 24fps App

We would like to tell you that, this application is not completely stable yet, due to which long videos cannot be edited in it. Otherwise there can be a problem. So in this you edit the video for Instagram only, whose time duration is up to 1 minute. If you find the quality of the video low while editing the video, then don't worry. This happens only during editing, after applying filters on the video, when it is saved, its output is in high quality  


Features Of 24pfs App 

Friends, talking about the features of this application, you can adjust the brightness of the video more or less, and adjust the temperature. There are many more features so that you will be able to adjust the quality of your video as well because it is almost like lightroom mobile application the only difference is that in lightroom we edit photos and in this application we edit videos 

User friendly
Compteble iPhone/Android
Customize like Lightroom
Unlimited Filter free/primium
Available free
Reels filter


App information information And Details

App Name - polar 24fps 

Size - 50MB 

Type : Video Editing Tool 

Available - Google pay store /App store


Friends, I think this video filter app is very good to make your editing easy, try it once.  And I hope this post of ours has been very useful for you.  If you want to ask anything related to the post, then you can message us directly in Instagram or you can also put your words in the comment box.

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