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How To Blur Video Background Android App Without Use Green Screen

How to blur video background with android phone Without Use Green screen  

Friends, you must have asked this question many times in YouTube and Google, but for this you would not have got information about the right application.  Because blurring the background of the video is a very difficult task for Android.  There is no option to blur the video in all the editing applications for Android mobile applications.  So in such a situation, we use green screen to blur our video, for which extra effort has to be made and green screen has to be applied separately in the backround of the video.  

But in today's post, we will tell you 

how to blur the background of the video without using green screen.  So if you are also an Android user and want to blur the background of your video properly, then definitely read this post till the last. 

How to blur video Background in Android
Blur video Background in Android 

Best App To blur background of Video

here we are going to tell you about the best application to blur the background of the video, so that you can easily blur the background of your video without use any green screen. So for this, first of all download this application in your Android device from the link given on the post and then install it 



Detail of best video background blur App

The name of this application is Pretty up in which you can blur the background of the video in a single click and also you can increase or decrease the blur percentage. This application blurs the background of videos automatically with the help of artificial intelligence 

Features of Pretty up App

In Pretty up application, along with blurring the background of the video, there are many other features, using which you can also customize the subject of your video according to yourself. Below are the list of some features which will make it easy for you to understand about the features of this application 

1 . Face smooth  In this App you can smooth the face of the subject of your video.  That is, if you want to make the face clean and bright in your video, then this faces mooth feature will prove to be very useful 

2. Edit any body part - In this you can edit any part of your body like waist nose lips hair etc.  Example - Means, if your nose is thick then you can make them thinner with the help of the features of this application 

3. Adjust video - Brightness contrast etc can be easily adjusted in the video, for this use the adjustment tool 


Method of blur video Background in pretty Up App in Android 

So let's know what has to be done to blur the background of the video in this application. So follow all these steps given below 

Follow STEP - 

First of all, record the video in high quality with your phone's camera, keep in mind that there should not be much noise in the background of the video so that the background of the video can be clearly blurred 

  • Now open the application, and allow whatever permissions it asks for 
  • Now click start button > And select video
  • Now go to the blur option > And click auto
  • Now according to the blur you want in the video, you can do it with the given option 

in this way you will be able to automatically blur the background of your video from Android 

Requirements To use This App 

So let's know which device you must have to use this application. So let us tell you, you may not have anything to blur the background of the video, but it is very important to have an Android phone and the phone storage must be empty. So that this application work smoothly on your device 

Android/iPhone Latest version 

Extract features Of this app 

Talking about the extra features of this application, there is also an option to apply filters and also you can take premium subscription of this application in which you will get more extra features 


So I hope this post helps you to blur video background in Android. If you want to ask us anything related to the post, then you can direct message us or put your thoughts in the comment box. In my opinion, this application is the best app for blurring the background of the video and using them can give much better results for blurring the background of the video 

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