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Soft Dark Filter To Edit Video And Photo

Hello friends, welcome back to my new post. In today's post, we will tell you how to change photos and videos in soft dark tone. I mean to say that you can also color grade the photos and videos in the same way as the color appears on the thumbnail photo. So let's start the tutorial, stay tuned on this post, we are going to tell about it in detail. 

Soft dark filter
Soft dark filter 

Soft Dark filter: Actually it is a preset filter of video and photo, after applying which the video or photo automatically turns into soft dark color.  So if you want to change the color of your video to soft dark color, then this preset will be very useful for you.  

How To Colour Grade Video in Soft dark tone 

Now read whatever I will write below carefully so that you do not have any problem while editing the video. So let's follow all the steps mentioned below carefully.  

So to make a video in soft dark color, first of all you will need a filter, which will be found in this post, then download the filter. Downloading Soft Dark Filter is very easy, just click on the Download button on the post, after that the software filter will be automatically downloaded into your phone's file manager. 

Download Dark Soft preset  

Downloading the Soft Dark Color Filter is very easy, just find a download button on the post and click on it, then the Soft Dark Color Filter will be downloaded automatically. But before downloading the filter, make sure that the space in the phone is free or not because there must be some space in the phone to download the filter. 

If you are not able to download the filters, please use another browser. 

STEP: To Download 

  • Just click download button that's it 

Add Sof Dark Filter in Lightroom And VN App 

So the file you download will contain filters for editing photos and videos, one for the Lightroom mobile app and one for the VN Video Editor app. So here we will know how to add filters? 

Extract Downloaded Zip file 

First of all extract the downloaded zip file, to extract you can take the help of zip master application or there is an option of extract in the phone, the file can also be extracted in that. Now if you extract the file, there you will see two files, one in DNG format and the other in Cube format. 

  • DNG format for lightroom mobile and 
  • Cube format for VN video editor 

Add DNG Lightroom preset 

  • Open Lightroom app > And Go Home In Phone  
  • Now Open Extracted DNG file > select and Share it on Lightroom app  
  • Now here you can see that the DNG presets you added have come over to the Lightroom mobile app.

Add Soft dark cube Filter in VN App 

So cube format is a video filter so we will add it in VN app. So for this, first of all, we will select the cube format file from the downloaded file, after that we will share it in VN app. 

How To Apply Soft dark Filter in Photo And Video  

Now almost all the work is done, now we have to copy the filter and apply it to our photo, so first of all we will know how to copy the setting of preset in Lightroom mobile app. 

Copy preset setting: To copy the setting of preset in lightroom mobile application first open the photo of added dng preset and then go to top right corner 3dot, here you will get option of copy setting, click on it and copy the setting. Now we have to go back. 

Now open the photo on which you want to apply preset, after opening the photo, again go to the same 3dot option and this time click on paste setting, then here you will be able to see that the preset has been applied on the photo. 

Apply Cube format Video Filter In VN App 

Open your VN app, and select a video to edit. After this go to the Filter option, here you will see the soft dark color filter added by you, then click on it, after that this filter will be applied in your video.  

Features of soft Dark Filter: 

Color grading of photos and videos becomes easy with the use of soft dark filters and any user can use it very easily and the best part is that even after applying the filter it can be customized. And the saturation of a particular color can also be increased or decreased. 

  • Single click colour Grade
  • Easy to use 
  • Quality colour 
  • Shareable 

Benifit of use soft dark filter 

Applying soft dark filter not only saves time but also enhances the video quality, making your friends and viewers more attracted to watch it. 

Suggest: Use this filter to make reels video  


White skin Luts Filter


So friends, I think you must have liked this post of ours and you must have also colorgraded your photo video by using soft dark filter. According to me, if you use this filter, then you will like the experience of editing videos and photos, so download and use this filter quickly. If you want to ask or tell something related to the post, then you can comment us. 

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