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How to video colour grading in white tone With Video Luts

White colour Vn Luts
White colour Lut for vn

Friends, you must have heard somewhere about video color grading, with the help of which you can convert the color of any video to any other color. So in today's post we will tell you how you can whiten your face color in video, that means your face will look smooth and white in video as shown in the thumbnail. 

Tutorial Start:- 

How To colour Grade video With luts 

So here we are going to tell you a new and unique way to colorgrade video, with the help of which you can convert video color with other color in just one click.  For example, we would like to tell you that the color grading of the video will be done in the same way as photo editing is done in Lightroom mobile application with the help of presets. 

Download white colour video Lut 

To download the white color video filter, you will see a download button on the post, in which you have to click, after that the filter will be automatically downloaded in your phone. But keep in mind that before downloading the filter, make sure that the space in the phone is free or not, otherwise there may be a problem in downloading the video Lut. 

video Filter information: 
Filter Name: White vn Lut 
Format: Cube (zip) 
Quantity: 1 
File size: 7MB 
Type: Preset 
Work: Video colour Grade 

Requirements To use 

Friends, like we told you in the beginning that there is no need to do much to use Video Lut, just you should have a phone and VN Video Editor app should be installed in that phone.

STEP: To Colour Grade Video With Luts 

  1. First of all install vn video editor app in your android or iphone it is a video editor application with option to add and use custom filters. 
  2. Then open the vn video editor app, and then select the video to edit. 
  3. Now find the filter which you have downloaded and added in VN app by going to the option of filter, and click on it. After this the filter will be applied in your video.  

How To Add white colour Lut in VN App

After downloading video lut from here you will find the downloaded file in your phone manager. The downloaded file will be in zip format, then select that zip format by long press and then share it in VN app with the help of share option 

  1. Step To Add VN Luts 
  2. Open File manager
  3. Go to download folder
  4. Find Downloaded White lut 
  5. Select white lut and share it on VN App 

Benifit of use White colour video Luts 

The best part is that if you color grade a video with the help of this video editor, it saves a lot of time in video editing and color grading of videos becomes very easy.  Because by applying filters on the video, the brightness, contrast and color of the video gets adjusted automatically and nothing has to be done manually.

Can we use this lut in premier Pro 

Yes, this video filter can also be used for video editing in Premiere Pro software because it is a cube format filter which is also supported in Premiere Pro, so you can use it in Premiere Pro as well. 

Suitable video  

Many people may have a question that on which type of video this filter should be applied so that the color grading of the video can be done in a good way. So in response to this, let me tell you that this white tone color filter can be applied in any video and this filter does the color grading of the video very well. 

Example:- Instagram reels, vlog videos, and Facebook videos etc. 


So friends, I hope you have come to know about video color grading from this post of ours and about video color grading with white color filter. Trust me, this filter should be used by everyone, especially if you are an Instagram content creator. So let's meet again in the new post till then take care of yourself. 

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