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Dark Grey Preset For Lightroom App include VN Filter

If you enjoy taking pictures, you've probably heard about Lightroom. Photographers frequently use this software to modify and improve their images. One of the best features of Lightroom is the ability to use presets, which are pre-made tweaks you can quickly and easily apply to your photographs. 

Dark grey Lightroom preset
Lightroom preset dark grey tone

New Dark Grey Lightroom preset

With Lightroom, a new dark grey photography preset has just been made available. This preset adds a dark grey tone to your photographs to give them a melancholy, atmospheric appearance. It's ideal for photographers who wish to add drama to their images or who simply choose a moodier, more sombre approach.

It's simple to use the preset. Installing it in Lightroom is the first step. This typically entails importing the preset into Lightroom after downloading it. Once you've done that, you can simply choose the preset from the presets panel in the develop module to apply it to any photo. After that, you can fine-tune the effect by changing the settings as necessary.

A wonderful addition to Lightroom's already amazing collection of presets is the dark grey photography preset. It may be easily customised to meet your needs and is adaptable enough to be used on a wide range of photographs, including both landscapes and portraits. Also, because it's preset, you don't have to spend time manually adjusting each parameter, which saves you time.


  • increased saturation and contrast to provide a moodier, more dramatic affect
  • Desaturation of some hues, including greens or blues, to achieve a more subdued or monochrome appearance
  • exposure, shadow, and highlight adjustments to produce a gloomier, more melancholy mood
  • Split toning is used to give highlights and shadows delicate colour tints.
  • Clarity modifications to produce a look that is more grainy or rough

The dark grey photography setting won't work perfectly for every image, of course, just like any other preset. You might discover that it performs poorly with some lighting setups or topic matter. But the great thing about Lightroom presets is that you can always experiment with different ones to find the one that gives your shot the best overall appearance. 

  • File Name - New Dark Grey lr preset 
  • Format - DNG (include .cube for Video filter) 
  • Size - 12MB 
  • Type - Preset 
  • Work - in lr and VN App 

Overall, the new dark grey preset for Lightroom is a fantastic choice for photographers who want to give their images a gloomy, dramatic feel. It is simple to use, adaptable, and suitable for a variety of photo types. Why not try it out and see what sort of spectacular results you can produce?

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