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Transform Your Photos with the Top 100 Yellow Tone Lightroom Presets - Download Now

Hello friends, in today's post, we are providing Lightroom presets of more than one hundred yellow color to all of you for Lightroom application, with the help of which you can convert your photo to yellow color in a single click.  If you edit your photos using all these Yellow Color Lightroom presets, then the time it takes to edit photos will not be spent and photo editing is done in just one click. 
Yellow colour Lightroom preset
Yellow hello Lightroom preset


Top 100 + yellow colour Lightroom preset 

All types of yellow color presets are available in this Lightroom mobile presets bundle, whether you want to edit outdoor photos or Indore photos, this Lightroom preset bundle has many types of yellow color presets. By which you can apply in any of your photos and see which preset will be better for you. 


File Name - Yellow Tone xmp preset 
Format - XMP 
File - 2MB 
Type - preset 
Work - Lightroom Mobile app
Required To use - android/iPhone 


Features of yellow colour Lightroom preset 

  1. Warm yellow is frequently linked to pleasure, sunshine, and optimism. It can give images a happy, upbeat feeling.
  2. When mixed with other warm colours like brown and orange, yellow can also be utilised to provide a vintage or retro appearance.
  3. Skin tones can be accentuated with yellow to make them appear warmer and more attractive. 
  4. A yellow colour preset in Lightroom can change an image's white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, and other variables to highlight or muffle the yellow tones.
  5. An artist's aesthetic vision and the preset's intended purpose will determine the precise qualities of a yellow Lightroom preset. While some settings may be modest, others could be dramatic or styled. 

About Lightroom Mobile application  

Now let's tell a little information about the Lightroom mobile application to all of you so that you do not face any problem in using all these yellow color Lightroom presets.  Lightroom Mobile is a photo editing application in which users can easily edit any of their photos using custom Lightroom presets. 

Suppose if you want to do cinematic color grading in your photo, then you have two options for this either  You can manually color grade photos with the help of Lightroom Mobile application's tools or you can make your photos cinematic with just a single click by using Lightroom Mobile presets provided by us.

How to Download All XMP yellow colour preset 

Friends, to download all these Lightroom presets, you will find a download button on the post, in which you have to click, as soon as you click on that download button, it automatically downloads, but if you face any problem in downloading  You can easily download it by following our given steps. 

Follow this step To download All xmp preset 

  • Find a download button on the post
  • Click download button and wait for 20 second
  • Now click again that download button 
  • Now Lightroom presets will automatically start downloading. 

Solve Download problem 

If you face download problem 
Open This post in other browser (sumsung, or use default browser of devices ) 
If the file is not getting downloaded after clicking on the download button, then you can open your Google Drive and try because this file may be present there.  

How to use All this Lightroom preset 

Now let us tell you how you can use all these yellow color lightroom presets downloaded on lightroom mobile app. 
To use all this XML preset you have to follow Step 

  • Open the Lightroom mobile application and then add the photo you want to edit. To add the photo, open your gallery app and select that photo and share it on the Lightroom mobile app. 
  • Now again open your lightroom mobile application, and open the photo you want to edit, now here you have to go to the preset option which you will find in the section of tools below. 
  • Now three dots will appear on the top right corner, click on it, and then go to import preset. 
  • Then search for the zip file that you have downloaded, for this, 3 lines will appear in the top corner of the left side, click on it and then go to your file manager, after that go to the folder in which your file is present. 
  • Now select this zip file, after some time it will be imported behind all the yellow color in Lightroom mobile application, after importing you will be able to access them anytime from preset option to edit the photo. 

Benifit of Lightroom preset

If you are a professional photographer, or want to edit some photos for social media, then Lightroom mobile presets will prove to be the best for you, because using Lightroom presets, you do not have to think about editing photos, just download Apply the done preset to your photo, after that the photo automatically gets color graded according to the preset. 

Suggestions Befor use Lightroom preset 

Friends, if you want to edit or color grade your photos using Lightroom mobile presets, then understand the important things so that whenever you edit photos with the help of presets, you will get better results. 

  1. Use high quality picture. 
  2. Keep the camera lens clean when taking photos. 
  3. Do not use any type of filter while taking photos. 
  4. It will be better if you blur the background of the photo. 


In conclusion, yellow is a warm and cheerful color that can add energy and warmth to photographs. A yellow Lightroom preset can adjust various settings to emphasize or tone down the yellow tones in an image, depending on the creator's artistic vision and the intended use of the preset. Ultimately, the specific features of a yellow Lightroom preset will vary depending on the individual preset and its intended purpose 

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