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Top +100 VN Video Filter To Colour Grade Reels

Friends, whenever we prepare our reels video in Instagram, we need a video filter, with the help of which we can enhance the video by grading the color and enhancing it. So in today's post, we are going to provide you all with more than 100 VN video filters, which you will be able to easily color grading your reels video by using in the VN Video Editor app 

VN filter
Top +100 VN Filter 

So if you want to color your reels video or any video using VN filter, then this post will be very beneficial for you because in this you can download more than 100 VN filters in your phone 

How to colour Grade Reels using VN Filter 

Friends, it is very easy to color grade the video using filters in VN, you do not need to do anything manually. Because the color grading of the video is done automatically with the VN filter. To color grade the video in the VN app, just follow the simple steps mentioned below 

Install VN App - First of all, install the VN app from the Google Play Store or App Store in your device, and open it once 

Download 100 VN Filter - Now you can download the zip file of the filter by clicking on the filter download button given in this post 

Add Downloaded (zip) VN Filter in VN App -  Now find the file you have downloaded by going to your file manager and then select the downloaded zip file and share it in the VN app 

Now you can see that all the filters have been added to the filter area of VN, which you can use to grade the video color  

Now you may like one of the filters you have added and want to apply it to the video, then for this, you first open one in the mode of editing the video and then click on the filter icon in the left corner of the bottom side(alert-success)

Download +100 VN Filter To Colour Grade Reels 

Before downloading the VN filter, read their details mentioned below so that you can get good information about this video filter, such as which apps can be used to use this filter or what things will be needed to do it 

Details - 

Name VN Video Filter
Type Luts
Work Colour Grade
Requirement VN Video editor app
Total +100 luts
File size 8M


Specialties of Video LUTs

  • Color Correction and Grading: Video LUTs are used to apply color correction and grading to videos. They can quickly transform the color and tone of footage, giving it a specific look or style.
  • Consistency: LUTs help maintain a consistent look across different scenes or shots within a video or even across multiple videos. This is essential for achieving a cohesive visual style.
  • Efficiency: They speed up the color grading process by allowing editors to apply predefined looks or styles with a single click. This saves time and effort compared to manual adjustments.
  • Professional Looks: LUTs are often created by professional colorists and filmmakers, making it easier for editors to achieve cinematic or specific visual styles without in-depth color grading expertise.
  • Customization: While there are pre-made LUTs available, you can also create custom LUTs tailored to your specific project, giving you full creative control.
  • Compatibility: LUTs can be applied in various video editing software and color grading tools, making them widely compatible.
  • Artistic Expression: LUTs are a tool for creative expression. They allow filmmakers and content creators to evoke specific moods, atmospheres, or emotions through color and tone.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: The use of LUTs can enhance the storytelling aspect of a video by visually reinforcing the narrative or theme.
  • Correction of Log Footage: LUTs are commonly used to correct the flat or desaturated look of log or raw footage, bringing out more vibrant and dynamic colors.
  • Flexibility: LUTs can be used in combination with other color grading adjustments, providing flexibility in achieving the desired look.

With the help of video LUTs, videos can have better visuals and more compelling narratives. In the film and video production sector, they are widely used and provide a plethora of creative opportunities. ❤️

Download VN Filter(large-bt)


So friends, I hope that you have downloaded 100 VN filters to color grade the video. And you might have also liked this post of ours. So join us in Telegram to download similar filters.


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