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Top 80 + Haji Newton Lightroom presets Free Download 2023

Photography is exceedingly popular in today's digital world. Everyone aspires to share their beautiful pictures on social media. However, there are numerous individuals who find themselves dissatisfied with the quality of pictures captured on their mobile devices. This is often due to certain phones having cameras that are incapable of capturing high-quality photos. As a solution to this predicament, individuals turn to photo editing software on their phones, enabling them to enhance the quality of their photos. 

Haji Newton Lightroom Preset
Haji Newton Lightroom preset

So Hey guys, In today's post, we will provide you more than 80 xmp format Lightroom presets named hazi Newton, which you can use to edit your photos. For this, follow all the methods mentioned in this post carefully. 

About Lightroom presets 

Lightroom presets are essentially pre-defined settings that allow photographers to apply a combination of adjustments and effects to their images with a single click. These presets serve as shortcuts, enabling photographers to achieve consistent looks across their photos and save valuable time during the editing process. 

Example: With Lightroom presets, color correction is done in just one click, like brightening a blurry photo or enhancing the quality of the photo, all this is done in just one click. 

How Lightroom presets work in photos 

Actually, Lightroom Preset is a type of file inside which all the settings for editing photos are fixed and it is of many types which are used according to the need. Like the Cinematic Lightroom Preset is used to give a cinematic look to the photo, similarly other presets are also available according to the needs of the user. 

So, the Lightroom Presets that we are providing you today, many presets are available in these, which you can see by applying them in your photos. 

Download 80+ Haji Newton Lightroom Presets 

So, now we will tell you to download more than 80 Haji Newton Lightroom presets. this collection spans a wide range of styles, moods, and aesthetics. From moody and cinematic tones to vibrant and ethereal looks, these presets encapsulate Haji Newton's artistic essence. 

Step To Download

#1 :To download the preset, a download button is given in the post, in which you have to click, after that it will be automatically downloaded in zip format on your phone. 

Note: If you are not able to download lightroom preset even after clicking on the download button, then you can use browser other than chorme browser like phone's default browser. 

Details :Haji Newton Lightroom Preset

File Name: Haji Newton Lightroom Preset
Format: XMP (Zip)
Size: 340KB 
Use In: Lightroom mobile app
Work: Photo Editing 
Type: Presets ❤️

How To Apply Haji Newton Lightroom Preset

Applying XMP presets from Lightroom presets to photos is very easy, just add it to the Lightroom mobile app and then apply it to the photo. For complete details on adding Lightroom Presets visit the link below. 


Haji Newton Lightroom Preset is an amazing preset, with this you can do better color correction of any photo in a single click. So I hope you will like our post. 

If you have any query related to the post, then you can comment on us.

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