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Online VN lut filter generator | how to create LUT (.cube) in LIGHROOM

Online VN lut filter generate for vn app

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So friends, in today's blog post, how do we generate online VN LUT filter for video VN VIDEO editor?  I am going to give you complete information about this.  So read this post of ours carefully? 

Vn lut generator
Generate lute .cube format


STEP 1 Download Lightroom app

Friends, for create VN LUT FILTER (.cube) you have to install LIGHTROOM application on your phone.  It is simple to install, you have to go to Google Play Store and search Lightroom, then you will get this application!  Now you have to install.  Friends, it is necessary to install this application.  So that we can create VN lut FILter (.cube) file from mobile Android.

Then you have to take a screenshot of the video in which you want to apply the filter, now after doing all that.

 Let us know, how to make VN lut filter from Lightroom App.

STEP 2 visit online lut generator


to generate online filters, we have to search online lut generator in Google.  Online LUT filter generator.  Either you have to go directly to this website by clicking on the link given below. 

 Now in this website you have to create an account for which you will need a gmail id and a password.

  So according to the option, you have to create a new account in this website by entering your Gmail ID and password.

  Then there you will get an option.  Download PNG.  You have to click on it, then your PNG will be downloaded.

STEP 3 create your Lut in Lightroom

Now to create VN LUT filter in lightroom, we have to open LIGHTROOM application.

 So here if you have installed the LIGHTROOM application for the first time, then you have to allow some permissions, and then sign up with Google,

 Sign up is very easy.

 Like you had created your account in the online LUT FILTER generate website.  In the same way, you have to create a new account and password by clicking on the sign up option in it.

Now to make a Vn LUT filter, you have to add both the photos, one by one, in this application first.  To add a photo, we will click on the plus + icon appearing in front.  Then click on the photo you want to add and add it.

After this, now you have to click on the all photo option, then you have to select the photo that you took the screenshot.

 Now do whatever color grading you want to do in this photo, you will have to do color grading on this photo in the same way as you want to do colorgrading in the video.  Because !  Here you will do color grading in the photo.  Later on the same type of VN will become LUT FILTER.

Keep in mind that only you do color grading in the photo, do not use any other tool.

You will get a color option in the LIGHTROOM application to do color grading in the photo.  With the help of the same tool, you have to do color grading in your photo.

 Because the filter is made of color only.

Now after editing completely.  You have to click on the 3 dot above, after that you will see the option of copy preset, you have to click on it, then it will copy your preset.  Now you have to simply go back, and open your png file which you downloaded from the website, now you do not need to do any editing in it, you just have to paste the preset you copied on it.  So to paste, you have to click on the same 3 dot option and select the paste preset.

 So the preset that you copied from the previous photo here, the same preset has now been applied to this PNG.  Now you have to save this PNG in your phone.

 To save the photo, you have to click on the share icon above and press on the save button shown below, then your photo will be saved on the phone.

Step 4 convert lightroom preset in vn lut

Open LUT VN filter generator website After opening this website again, now you will get an option there to upload png by clicking on this option.  After this, the PNG that you saved from the lightroom app, you have to upload the same PNG on it.  Now after waiting for a while, after waiting for about 5 to 10 seconds, you have to click on the generated LUT FILTER visible.

 Now your VN LUT FILTER  is ready.  So to download it, the option of MY LUT will be visible in the right side, click on it, now see there you will see your LUT FILTER filter which you have just generated online, so now by clicking on the download icon  You have to download your LUT FILTER. 

Now after downloading the filter, you can easily add this filter in your VN editor app. But if you don't know how to add a filter in VN editor app then please visit our YouTube channel and check out that video  

                   ❤️❤️Thanks ❤️❤️ 

How does the online lut creator website work?


Basically! This website works like an online tool. Which combines all the colors of PNG format together to form a lut in cube file for vn editor app. This is an online process. website

 Like there are other online tools in which photos and videos can be edited, this website also works on the basis of this. So that we can easily create LUT filter for vn editor app even from smartphone. But this work can also be done offline.

 But for this you must have PC or Laptop.

 Online LUT FILTER generater Free ?


Absolutely! From here you can generate LUT Filter for free. You do not have to make any kind of payment for this. And this website can be accessed from any device.

 And you can create LUT FILTER online.


Extra feature of online lut creator website


In this website you can share your braided filter with people. Or you can also download and use filters made by people. In a way we can say this website. Lut does filter marketing. This website is dependent on advertisement to earn money number. It does not take any money from the customer. 

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