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Most Popular Preset suitable For All Types Video

Best Popular Filter: In today's blog we will provide the most used video filters with all of you.  This filter can be applied to the video very easily to do color grading of the video, just like the Lightroom mobile presets are used to edit the photo in the Lightroom application, just to use this filter this post  read carefully,

This filter works perfect in all types of videos, with this filter there is no negative effect in your video nor does the color of your video explode.  You can apply it in blogs, gaming, reels, all types of videos.


 1. Best popular Video Filter

 2. Download best video editing filter

 3. How To Use This filter

 4. Add best filter in VN App

 5. Apply filter in video

About Best most popular Filter to video editing

This popular Video Editing Filter Name is Pop teal orange Friends, this filter is most used on reels video, and also this video filter is also used in blog videos to give vive effect to the video.

Teal orange preset for video editing
Most popular video editing filter 

Best preset (download) 

This teal orange color has a very professional video color preset by adjusting saturation, brightness, gaama, colour, all.

But if you want, you can re-editing according to your video color, yes, but in this you can edit all the tools except the color.  The color of this preset cannot be changed. 

Why should you use this filter?

If you are a video content creator, and you upload videos to youtube, facebook, instagram, and any other platform, then you can apply this filter to your videos, your audience will see more than watching your video. Enjoy it, because color grading is the best part of video editing.

Trend your reels with this teal orange color video filter

Guy's Nowadays everyone wants to make their video stand out, so thousands of filters are used online in Instagram, but in Instagram only filters can be used online. So in such a situation, this filter of ours will help you a lot in video editing and color grading. This will also save your mobile data.


 features :- 

 • Customisation

 • without noise

 • suitable for all types of video

 • re editing

Download most popular video editing filter pop teal orange

To download this filter, we have given a download button in such a post in which a new window will open automatically after clicking and then click on the top right side three dot and choose the download option, then your download this filter. Will happen

Follow the steps mentioned below to download the filter.

 Step To Filter download.

 1. Click to download button

 2. The link will automatically open in a new window (Google drive).

 3. Click top right corner 3 dot

 4. Choose option > Download

Now this file has been downloaded in your phone's storage. Filters can now be accessed from their file folders.

Note: Note: The extension of the file you have downloaded should be dot cube and if your file is downloaded with txt extension or any other extension, then you have to rename it to dot cube, otherwise you can use this filter. will not be able to use.

Use This most popular Filter in video to color grading

To use this filter, first you have to go to Google Play Store and download the VN Video Editor application, if you do not have the application. Because this filter can be used only and only in the VN app,

 Can it be used in Premium Pro also?

If you have a laptop and you use editing software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, then you can use it to easily do color grading of videos. And if you have any other editing software then you should make sure whether your video editing software supports custom filters or not.

Add this filter in VN video editor app

First of all, to apply this filter in your video, you have to add this filter in VN video editor. Below we have explained in detail, how you can add this filter to your vn video editor app.

To add the most popular video editing filter, follow the steps given below.


 1. go to your phone file manager

 2. Find your downloaded most popular filter in folder

 3. Then select your download filter by long prese

 4. Now share it in your video editor app too.

Congratulations, you have added this filter to your VN app for video editing.

Apply most popular video editing filter

Friends, this is the most important information that how will you apply this filter in your video and what is the right way to apply?

Before applying this filter to your video make sure you.

Your video quality should be in full HD.

This filter will not work in black white video

To get the best results from this filter, your video should have a natural color.

 The rest you use in your video according to your editing skills, this filter will definitely add to your video.

Step to apply filter in video

 1. open vn app

 2. Create new video project

 3. Choose option > filter

 4. Swipe left right to find your Added custom most popular filter


 File information

  •  Name : most popular teal orange lut
  •  Format: cube
  •  Size: 7 MB


So friends, I hope you have liked this video editing filter, read the post below to get more similar filters. Thanks

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