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High quality 4k Colour Lut Filter To HDR Video Editing

Vn High quality 4k lut filter: This filter allows user to make normal video in HD quality 4K, with its help normal video can be made like 4K video by applying filter

High level of color grading is maintained in 4k colo lut filter, all colors are perfect, the specialty of this filter is that, this color filter does not burst, and can be applied to any video. The filter is suitable for every video, especially in outdoor videos.


The 4k color Lut filter boosts the color of your video and replaces it with a good color. After applying this filter, a little editing has to be done, then your video will be able to become completely 4K, further reading the post you will get complete information.


  1.  About VN App
  2.  Download 4k Color Lut
  3.  Add 4k color Lut in VN
  4.  Apply 4k Color Filter 

About VN App

VN app is a video editor app. Users can easily edit their videos in this application, there are many more features like editing apps, we would like to tell you that, nowadays, most of the short videos that are edited on social media, most of the videos have been done from these apps. . It also beats its comptitor for editing short videos.

In this video from slow motion to video color grading easily edit video in this application

  Which you can use during video editing.


  •  Trim
  •  Music layer
  •  Chorma key

 vn app

Users can do video editing without watermark in it, there is an option to export 4K video in 60fps in Android.

Download VN 4k color lut

 4k VN lut download

Friends, in this post, we have given the option to download this 4K filter, which you have to download.

High quality colour Lut Filter
High quality colour Lut 

To download the 4k filter, you will find a download button inside the post by clicking on which the filter can be downloaded.


After downloading 4K Filter, make sure that your filter is downloaded in zip format or not, if it is not, then you have to rename that downloaded file and convert it to zip.

Add 4k color Lut 

Add vn lut

To add 4K filter, first download the filter and then make sure that the filter you have downloaded should be in zip format, if your file downloads with any other file extension then you can rename it and convert it to zip. 

After this the filter can be added by following this step mentioned below.


 1. Download 4k lut

 2. Open your phone manager

 3. Find your downloaded file

 4. Click to extract

 5. Then select your extracted file and share it on vn video editor app

 Use VN 4k lut Filter

Friends filter is very easy to use if you want to understand closely then you can watch our youtube video rest whenever you apply any custom filter in your video always use adjustment tool because all videos are same That's why adjust your video's recording brightness to interest and sharpen.



 1. Open your VN app

 2. Open your video project to editing

 3. There you can see filter in filter option

 Now your filter is applied to the video.

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