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Top 15 xmp preset for Lightroom App To photo Editing

Today in this blog post, I am going to give you all 15 lightroom presets which you can use to edit your photos, in this you will get high quality xmp  presets.  You can apply this preset to any type of photo.

This preset does color grading of your photo in just one click, which automatically removes noise from your photo and makes your photo look smooth and HD.  Yes, but if you want, you can do a little customization in it, you can do it according to your photo.

In this Lightroom preset pack you will find all the collection of presets like red blue green white other and even better filters you will also find inside this lightroom council.

 Read carefully how to use the filter.


  1.  About Lightroom app
  2.  Download Lightroom preset
  3.  Add Lightroom preset
  4.  Use and apply filter in photo

About Lightroom App

Friends, this Lightroom app is a photo editing application in which it allows users to edit their photos, advanced features have been given to edit photos in this Lightroom app app.  In which the photo can be edited in a professional way, there are some selected features for which people use this application. 


Although it has many features, but the most popular feature is called preset copy paste. With the help of this feature, people are able to edit their photos very easily. All they have to do is download the Lightroom preset and that makes their job easy. Let us tell you the name of its more features.


• Inbuild camera true capture roof photo

 • discover features to share your editing skills with the whole world

 • masking

 • color grading

 • video color grading (latest update)

 export image

High quality pictures can be exported in Lightroom application, in which there are three or four matches to export photos. tif dng and jpg


 Download Lightroom preset

To download Lightroom Filter, we have given a download button inside such a post in which you have to click and download this filter, below we have explained to you in detail how you can download this filter to download the filter. For one by one follow all the states mentioned below. 

Best xmp Lightroom preset
Lightroom xmp preset 


Step To download 15 xmp Preset

 1. Click download button

 2. Link will automatically open in Google drive

 3. click 3 dot option and choose download

Now your file has been downloaded in sight in your phone.

Add Lightroom preset in Lightroom App

 How to add Xmp Preset.

Guys this is a very important one. In this we are going to tell you, how you can add xmp lightroom presets to lightroom mobile app. So below we explain you in detail, what are the steps you have to follow to add xmp preset.

So see, first of all you download this preset. And then extract it and follow this step to extract it.

 Step Extract zip file

 1. Open your file manager

 2. Find your downloaded filter you file will be zip format

 3. Simple click and choose extract option

 Now you have extracted the file. 

Let us now add the filter. For this, you first open your Lightroom, and then to edit any photo, open it in your Lightroom app. Then you will get the option of profile in the section below, you have to click on it, then click on three dot, and then click on import filter, then the file you downloaded and extracted, go to that folder and all Select the file by long pressing and then again by clicking on the select button, your xmp will be added to the Lightroom app.

Use Lightroom presets

Now click on the Presets section to access the presets. Here you can see, whatever presets you have added, you can apply all those presets to your photos.

Customisation After applying the filter, you can do some customisation according to your photo, such as maintain the brightness contrast situation as well as the color.



I hope you liked all these Lightroom presets, click on the post below to read more similar posts.

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