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New Vasco cam Lightroom Preset Grey sky colour

Hello friends, in today's blog post, we are providing you Vasco cam filter for lightroom mobile which you can use for editing or color grading your photo. With the help of Vasco cam preset, you will be able to color grading your photos in just one click in a professional way, especially when you have no idea about editing, Vasco cam filter will help you a lot to edit photos in Lightroom mobile application . 

Lightroom preset
Lightroom preset 

About Vasco cam preset, we have told you all in detail in this post, how you can download this filter, and what are the features of Vasco cam preset, we have told all that in the post, then read the post carefully. 

About Lightroom mobile preset 

To use Vasco cam filter, you must have Lightroom Mobile Application. If you do not have Lightroom Mobile Application, then you can easily download it from Google Play Store and install it on your phone. So let us tell you 

why Lightroom mobile application is necessary? what else ? 

Lightroom mobile app is a photo editing application in which users can edit any of their photos in a professional way, in this application the photos can be exported by editing them in high quality. All the tools are available in them to do photo editing 

Special Features of Vasco cam Lightroom preset. 

lightroom mobile presets features are very popular in which you can copy preset and apply on your photos as well as share special presets created by you with people. 

export image. You get three options to export in Lightroom mobile app, first jpg and second dng and third tif, DNG format is very special in this because with the help of dng you can share the setting of the photo created by you. 

Vasco cam Lightroom preset filter ? 

Vasco cam Lightroom preset is the most beautiful and pure steel looking preset Vasco Lightroom preset will make your photo shine like steel You can see the preview of this Lightroom preset on the thumbnail photo. vasco cam preset is designed with great care that uses colour, contrast, and all the other tools. 


But you can customize the setting of Vasco cam Lightroom preset according to your photo, whichever setting is provided in it, you can easily change that setting, you can easily change the contrast saturation of the tools provided in the accordion preset of your photo. And you can change all these colors. 

Vasco cam Lightroom preset Features 

Although there are many features in it, but about some important features, we have given a list to all of you below, by reading which you can easily understand the features of this preset. 

Vasco cam features
High quality colour
Easy to use
Supported All device
Only for photo editing
Name : Vasco cam
Format : DNG
Size : 13M

Download Vasco cam Lightroom preset 

To download this lightroom filter, we have given a download link in this post which will be visible to you after 30 seconds, then after clicking on that link you can download this lightroom preset to your phone, below we have given you download described how to do it. 

High quality preset  

Night blue Lightroom preset 

Step to download 

  • Click download option 
  • Link will redirect you in media fire 
  • Now click download 
But before downloading this picture, we will tell you keep these things in mind, otherwise you may face problems in using it after downloading the filter. 

Should be (.zip) of file after download 

The extension of the downloaded file should be in .zip format. Meaning that the file you will download should have the last word dot zip of the file, if there is any other such as txt, then you should rename it. 


I hope you liked this post of ours and also liked this lightroom mobile presets of ours, then according to me you should read my more post because in this we have shared more lightroom mobile presets to all of you if you like presets If you face any problem in downloading then you can message us on Instagram. 

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