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Night blue Dng Lightroom preset | To Lightroom mobile colour correction

Hello friends, in today's blog post, we have provided you all Night Blue DNG Lightroom Presets for Lightroom Mobile Photo Editing which will help you a lot in your photo color grading. This Lightroom preset will give color grading to your photos like night effect Read this post to know about Night Blue Lightroom Presets. 
Night blue Lightroom preset
Night blue Lightroom preset 


This is a Night Blue Lightroom preset.  With the help of this Lightroom preset, users can do very beautiful color correction to their photos in the Lightroom mobile app.  Because this Lightroom preset is designed very well, its color capacity is perfect according to all types of photos of the user.

but always keep these things in mind, whenever you use this preset.  So always try that your photo is of high quality.  Because Lightroom preset works according to the color of your photo, the more your photo will be of natural color.  Equally the best you will get from this Lightroom preset. 

How will the Blue Night Lightroom Presets look? 

Friends, there is a Night Effect Lightroom Preset, by applying which your photo will look like a shining light in the night, a little cinematic and a little blue light, in this way your photo can be color grading with the help of this Night Blue Lightroom Preset in just one click. You can

 About Night Blue Lightroom preset

Friends Night Blue Lightroom preset is of dng format.  This Lightroom preset is maintained according to Night Blue color, in which color tone, brightness, shadow, etc. can be customized even after downloading all these tools.

 You should customised  preset?

Y  If you have an idea, then you can change the color of the preset for your photo in a few preset settings.  But make changes according to the need if you want to custom this preset.  So always use the undu option.  Due to which if you have any mistake in esiting.To undo option will help a lot. 

Best Lightroom preset 

Beautiful preset 

15 xmp Lightroom preset 

Best for Social Media

Friends, this lightroom preset is best for color grading of photos uploaded in special social media, you can edit and upload your photos in Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


High quality colour
Supported All device
Amezing colour correction
Easy to customise
Free to use
Only for photo editing
Updated: July 2022
Format DNG
Size : 9.3M


 I hope you enjoy my Nightblue Lightroom preset. 

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