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Potrait Lightroom preset To Make your sefi More bright Download portrait preset

Hello friends, 

in today's blog post, we have provided you Portrait Lightroom presets for Lightroom mobile application, using which you can do portrait color grading of your photos. And also I will tell you how you should use this filter and how to download it, read the post very carefully so that all of you can get complete information about portrait lightroom presets. 

Potrait Lightroom preset
Potrait Lightroom preset 



Portrait Lightroom Presets Specially designed for Selfie Photo Editing or Color Grading with Professionally Preset All Colors by Default Settings in which you can Customize the Brightness Contrast Situation Later on Your Own  .

How does the Portrait Lightroom preset work?

Portrait lightroom preset always keeps the color of your face and body in focus, the rest of the background color seems a bit down, applying this preset increases the brightness on your face and your photo starts shining. 

For this we need Lightroom application, which you can download this photo editing application by going to Google Play Store. This is a photo editing application in which we get the option to copy paste the presets, with the help of this process, we can use any preset to color grading our photos through the Lightroom mobile app.

 Portrait Lightroom features

Also this is high quality lightroom preset to make sharp and HD color correction in your photo, it is perfect lightroom portrait preset for social media selfie picture

  •  High quality color
  •  useful for social media selfie
  •  Customisation

And at the same time you can also share this preset with your friend's, You can use it very easily in the Lightroom mobile app because it is a dng format preset whose settings have to be copied and pasted on your photo. 

Why are Lightroom Presets Important? 

By using the lightroom preset, our photos get almost complete color grading in just one click, which saves us time. And you can edit photos by simply copying and pasting various color grading presets. It is very useful for those people. Those who do not have much knowledge about color grading. 

Download potrait Lightroom preset 

In this post, we have given the option to download Portrait Lightroom preset, which you will see after 30 to 35 seconds, then by clicking on it, you will be able to download this Portrait Lightroom preset to your phone.

 Download process

  •  Click download button
  •  Link will automatically open in new window

 (Google Drive or Media Fire)

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Then press the download option.Finally your portrait Lightroom preset has been downloaded to your phone. 

Before downloading and using this Lightroom portrait preset, keep these things in mind. 

Before editing your photo, make sure that the photo is in HD quality or not, if your photo will be in HD then you will get better result. Do not apply this filter on black and white photos or else it will not work.

File information
Name: potrait Lightroom preset
Quantity: one
Format: DNG
Size: 5MB


 Friends, I will suggest you that you must use this preset once to edit your portrait photo.

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