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White skin Luts version 2.0 Download Best colour grade Luts in Android

Hello friends .  In today's blog post, we are going to provide all of you custom filters for VN app, this custom filter will give white effect on your face.  By applying white skin filter you can make your video more beautiful especially if you are an Instagram video creator then this white skin filter will be the best filter for VN video editor.  In this filter pack you will get 5 collection which will be with different different background color.  

White skin colour Grade vn lut filter
White skin lut filter 


What is VN custom filter.  

VN custom filter is a resource for color grading video, with the help of which you can color grading your video in a single click, in which all the colors are edited according to the filter and then applied to the video.  

This video editing filter is like doing photo color grading in lightroom, in the same way we apply presets on photos in lightroom application, we can easily color grading videos by applying custom filters to our videos.  

How To Add custom VN Lut

How to use this filter

To use white skin lut you have to download VN Video Editor from Google Play Store on your Android device and then you can use this filter by adding it to vn app.  We have made a video on YouTube about how to use VN custom filter, you will easily learn how to use the filter by watching that video. 

Correct way to use filter

  • Apply the filter only on high quality videos. 
  • Do not apply filters to black and white videos. 
  • Do not apply filters to already edited videos. 
  •  Apart from this, you can apply this filter in any video, it depends on you. 

Filters can also be customized, including adjusting brightness contrast saturation and other tools to suit your video, such as increasing or decreasing exposure. But the color cannot be changed in it. Customize on the video to get better results. 

How do you get this custom filter?

Friends for getting this premium white skin color filter.  In this post, we have given a download link to all of you which will be visible to you after 30 or 40 seconds.  After that click on that download link.  Then a new window will open in front of you where you will get the download option and by clicking on that option you can download this filter in your phone.  

But keep in mind that before downloading the filter, definitely watch this video of mine so that you can know the password because the filter has a password. 

Complementary 5 kinemaster project

Along with this, we have also given you 5 Kinemaster Status Projects in this filter pack which is absolutely complimentary. 

With the help of which you can easily make shake effect video of your photo. If you want to see its preview then you can visit my Instagram profile where we have uploaded the videos of all these projects.

If you face any problem in purchasing the filter, you can message us directly on Instagram. 

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File information

This is a premium white filter pack that we have shared with you by making it in zip format. 5 white color premium filter will be found inside this zip file. And 5 Kinemaster Project Files To Create Status Videos. 

Features of primium white skin Luts

Primium White skin Luts
Quality VN lut
Supported All device
Easy to use
Video colour grade only
Name : primium lut 2.0
Format : Zip
Size : 19M 

Filter Password: 0507


White LUTs is the best looking filter. We expect from you that you must Download this filter. Because the filter is very beautiful. Thank you . 

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