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Green Background Lut Filter For VN Video Editor

Hello friends, in today's blog post, we are going to tell you how to make the background color of the video completely green. Friends, you must have often seen social media short creators who color grading their videos very well and their video background looks very good, 

so today we have told you a tutorial to do such video color grading. Read this post carefully so that you too can color grading the background of your video in a very good way. But before that we would like to tell you that this post will be very useful for those people who upload videos in Instagram, they will be able to color grading the quality of their videos very well, after reading this post, so let's start. 

VN green lut filter for video colour grade
Green lut filter for video editing 

About This post 

In this post, we have provided information related to video editing and color grading, from which video creators will get very good information for color grading their videos, if you also do color grading or edit your video from mobile. Then this post is very important for you. 

Topic cover: 

  1. How To Make Video Background fully Green 
  2. Video colour grading app 
  3. Download Green Background Lut filter
  4. How To use vn lut 
  5. Ads Vn Lut filter in app 
  6. Conclusion 


Video background colour grade with Green 

Friends, the most important thing for color grading this type of video is that you should make your video with a good camera mobile at a good location where the background looks a little green so that later you do color grading of the video. At the same time, the background of your video can be completely transformed into green color. 

While making a video, record the video in high quality, if possible, record in 4K 60fps. The better the quality of your video, the more you will be able to color grading your video later. Keep in mind that while making a video, do not use any extra features in it or use any filter, otherwise problems may arise later. 

Video colour grade App VN App

We will use vn application for color grading the video, in which the video can be colored very easily, you will get this application easily in google play store from where you can download for your android mobile and if If you have an iPhone, then you can download this application from your App Store and install it on the iPhone. This application can be used in laptop as well, for this you download the SBL Video Editor application from the website and install it on the laptop. 

vn video editor app. This is a video editing application in which users can edit their videos in a professional way. The special features of this application is that you can use custom filters to color grading videos, which makes video color grading very easy. For this we have provided you a custom filter in this post which you have to download. 

Download custom Green Background Lut filter Now 

To download this custom VN filter, we have given a download link in this post, after clicking on which you can download this custom filter to your device. Below we have explained how to download. 

  • Click on the given download button to download the filter. 
  • After this you will be automatically redirected to Google Drive. 
  • Now you will see a symbol of download. 
  • By clicking on that download symbol your file will start downloading. 

 So in this way you can download this green background filter in your phone. If there is any error while downloading then you can message us directly on Instagram. 


vn lut features
High quality colour
Supported All device
Easy to use
Only for video
Android iPhone laptop
Name : green lut
Format : Zip (cube)
Size : 13 M

How To use VN lut Filter 

Using the BN filter is very easy. Before using the filter, make sure that the quality of your video is natural with good colors. Because the BN filter will work only for the recording of your video, that's why the video should be of high quality. If your video is of black and white color then this custom filter will not be able to work in it and your video color grading will not be done. Otherwise you can apply this filter to any of your videos, it can be easily applied to all types of videos. This filter is useful for all videos whether you want to color grading YouTube videos or Instagram reel videos.  

Add VN Green Background Lut filter IN App 

Let us now tell you, how to add this custom filter in vn application. So for this, we have made a separate page, which can be easily added to your VN app by reading the downloaded custom filter, we are giving you the link here, you can visit that page and read all the instructions. And if you don't understand how to add filter in VN app then you can watch our youtube video with the help of which you can easily add VN custom filter in your vn app.


I hope you have color graded your video well after reading my post. If you have any suggestions, then do comment us and also read my previous post to download similar video editing presets.

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