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Top Level Lightroom preset DNG File

Hello everyone. We're going to give you some Lightroom presets for the Lightroom mobile app in today's blog post so you can colour grade your photos with a Next level Lightroom preset . This Lightroom preset is a really lovely one. Friends, this is the best method for editing photos in Lightroom for mobile since it allows you to make changes with just one click of the reset button, saving you time. 

Handsome Lightroom preset
Next level Lightroom preset 

The Next level Lightroom  presets for Lightroom Mobile go by that moniker. You must have the most recent version of the Lightroom mobile programme downloaded to an Android or iPhone in order to utilise this preset. Additionally, if you own a laptop then you can use it 

Topics include:

  1. About  Lightroom mobile app
  2. attributes of preset
  3. personalised preset
  4. concerning Next level Lightroom preset 
  5. Utilizing this preset
  6. Obtain next level Preset  

About Lightroom mobile app

Professional picture editing may be done on photos using applications like Lightroom Mobile. For all devices, the Lightroom mobile application is accessible. You can download Android apps for your Android phone and laptop from your app store. Use the Lightroom mobile app to take high-quality pictures. Reputable for editing The most unique feature of this application's photo-editing features is Lightroom Mobile Presets, which allows users to make quick edits to their photos with presets. We've listed all of the application's photo-editing features below. 

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next level characteristicsLightroom preset

Attributes Lightroom Preset 

  • Exceptional colour support every device
  • iPhone Android iPad Shareable Customized
  • Just for the photo
  • Simple to use
  • Preset with white skin
  • Size: 9MB, DNG file format

Friends, the best thing about this smartphone application is that, even if you don't know how to edit images, you can still do it very easily because of the app's user-friendly layout. 

personalised preset

You can modify the settings in the Lightroom Mobile preset after applying them to your image, such as the colour, brightness, saturation, contrast, and exposure in all, to make them more suitable for your particular image. Changes are possible. You must alter the setting if it does not appear to be working properly on your shot.

Next level Lightroom preset 

When using this preset, your photo's background will turn boost colour and your face will turn white. You can preview these changes on Thummil as well. This preset took a lot of tedious work to create, including all the colour modifications. 

Use of this Lightroom preset

But you should have this in mind before utilising the preset on this phone. Your photo ought to be of excellent quality. There shouldn't have been any editing done to the image. Black and white images cannot be filtered using this tool. To ensure that this preset will perform properly on your photo whenever you use this website, try to keep your photo in its natural hue.

You can write us directly on Instagram if you run across any issues while using this preset

Download the Lightroom preset for a white background with green.

For the lightroom mobile preset to download, your internet connection must be fast. How to download this Lightroom preset is described below. By clicking the link to the filters at the bottom of the post, you may download these Lightroom Mobile presets to your device. Downloading is really simple.


Please allow me to briefly explain. After clicking the download link, a new window with a media file or Google Drive window will open in front of you. There, you will find a download option. By selecting that option, the lightroom mobile presets can then be downloaded quickly. 

How to Add Presets in an App for Lightroom

To make adding Lightroom Mobile Presets to the Lightroom Mobile App simple, we have built a dedicated page. Click on this link to learn more. 

•Adding an LR preset

All devices—Android, iPhone—will accomplish this task. Additionally, you may simply comprehend by viewing the YouTube video if you wish to do so. 


Friends, I hope you enjoyed this post; if you want to download more similar Lightroom presets, you should read our previous posts, as they contain more good Lightroom presets. If you have an idea or a suggestion, please share it with us by leaving a comment. 

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