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My First Blog Video Editing And Colour Grading

Hello friends.  Welcome again all of you in another new post in today's post we are going to tell you how to edit my first blog video.  Because nowadays the video on this tag is going viral on YouTube the most, so if you also want to make your video viral, then for this you will have to edit your video in a better way so that the audience can subscribe to you after watching your video. 

My first blog
My first blog 


So first of all we will talk about video color grading, how will you color grading video from your android phone.  And which application should you use for color grading the video.  So let's go on following all the steps mentioned in the post so that you can make your video beautiful.  This post will be very beneficial for those who want to edit their blog videos in high quality, if you are also a smartphone user then this post is very good for you.  

Topic cover 

  1. Best App for my first blog video editing
  2. How to colour grade
  3. Download video editing filter
  4. How work filter 
  5. Add vn filter in applications 

Best App To My first blog videos Editing

Now we are going to tell you which application should you use to edit the first blog video, so according to me, if you are looking for an app for color grading the video, then this editor application is for you. It will be very useful, with the help of which you can color grading your video very easily in one click with the help of presets. This application is available for both Android and iPhone and you can download it on your Android phone. 

This VN application is a video editing application in which you can edit and color grading your videos in a professional way. In these, all types of video editing can be done from Instagram videos to YouTube short videos. The special thing about this application is that you do not get any kind of watermark in it and it is also very easy to use. And if we talk about the features of this video editing application, then it also has great features like slow fast motion video and blending mode. 

How to colour grade My first blog videos

So now I am going to tell you how to color grading my first blog video in this application, so follow all the steps mentioned below carefully so that you can color grading your my first vlog video very easily. First, in this post, we have provided you the preset of the video which you have to download, after that after downloading this preset has to be added to the vn video editor application. 

 We would like to tell you how to download the filter, we have told about it in this post and we have also told about how to add presets in BN video editor app. Now after adding the preset, to edit your video, open it in VN, after that apply that preset to the video. Now your my first block video will be color grading. To understand all the step carefully, you watch this video of mine. 

Features of preset :- 

My first blog
High quality colour
Supported All device
Easy to use
Android iPhone
Customised option
Only for video
Name : My first blog
Format : Zip
Size :5MB

Download my first blog video Editing preset 

Now let me tell you about how to download the preset for color grading the first block, then see the download link we have given in this post, which will be visible to you after 30 or 40 seconds, after this the link visible You can download this preset by clicking on As soon as you click on the download link, you will be automatically directed to Google Drive, where you will get another download option, you can download this filter to your device by clicking on it. If you are unable to download this preset, you can directly message us on Instagram. 

How work this preset to video colour grading

Friends, the way Lightroom presets are used in Lightroom mobile application for color grading photos, similarly BN filter is used to color grading videos in this video editor application, with the help of which you can edit your videos. Can do color grading. This preset for color grading video is in only one format which is dot cube format. In this, by setting the setting of Brightness Contrast Saturation and all other editing tools by default, a preset is created which helps you to do video color grading in less time. 

Customised option

Friends, after applying filters to the video, you can also customize them later according to your video. In which you can increase or decrease the temperature exposure and sharpen. But the color cannot be changed in it. Friends, we would like to tell you that this filter does not work on black and white videos. So that's why you should always try that the quality of your video is good with natural color so that this video preset can get even better results. 

How To Add video filter in VN application

So friends, to add filters in vn video editor app, we have made videos in youtube by watching which you can easily add the downloaded filters to your vn app. Below I give some suggestions to all of you. 

  • First of all download the filter and the filter will remain in the zip file. 
  • After this, the downloaded zip file has to be shared in VN video editor. 

 In this way all the filters will be added to the VN app. 


I hope you will find it easier to do video color grading with this post, to download more similar video editing presets, you must read our previous post.

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