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Lemon Yellow Colour DNG Lightroom Filter presets

Friends, in today's post we are going to tell you about Lemon Yellow Color Lightroom preset.  With the help of which you can edit your photo in lemon yellow color or do color grading.  Let us tell you in detail about this Lemon Yellow Color Lightroom Preset.  Whatever setting has been provided for color grading the photo in this preset, your photo will be color grading like the color of lemon. 

Lightroom yellow colour presets
Lightroom presets yellow colour 


Yellow Lightroom presets(small-bt) 

And if we talk about the color combination of this preset, then this preset works smoothly in all types of photos, no matter what your photo is.  And if you are a social media influencer then this Lemon Yellow Lightroom preset will come in very handy for editing your photos.  With the help of this Lightroom preset, you can adjust brightness, color saturation and other settings in your photo in one click.  So let's get more information related to this, we are going to tell you in this post how this preset works and what you have to do for it. 

About This Article : -  

This post has all the details about how to edit your photos with lemon yellow filter with the help of Lightroom presets.

included Topic - 

  1. Lemon Yellow colour Lightroom presets 
  2. About Lightroom App 
  3. Download lemon Yellow Lightroom Preset 
  4. Special benifit of lemon Yellow Lightroom Preset 
  5. Add DNG Lightroom presets in Mobile 
  6. Apply presets in photo 
  7. Best method to apply preset 
  8. Conclusion 

1.  Lemon Yellow Lightroom Preset

This is a Lightroom preset, it has all the settings for editing photos in lemon yellow color. Such as - brightness, contrast, effect, hsl, detail, and all other tools have been set by default according to the lemon yellow preset. The curve option is also used for color grading the photo from this preset. By using which option the photo color grading gets better. So as we all know Lightroom Presets is a resource file that is used to edit photos quickly. Now you must be wondering 

what are Lightroom presets? 

 So see Lightroom presets is a file source used in the Lightroom mobile app whose format is .xmp or dng. The file format that comes with this extension is installed in Lightroom and used to edit photos. If you describe the definition of Lightroom Presets, then by using Lightroom Presets, the user can edit the photo in a very good way in a very short time. So to use Lemon Yellow Lightroom preset you will need Lightroom mobile application. 

2. About Lightroom mobile App

This is a photo editing application which is also very popular in the field of editing, its name is Lightroom Mobile App and it can be easily installed on your device by Android users from Google Play Store and if you are an ios user then they You can download from your app store. This application is made by Adove company. 

The special thing about this application is that users can do photo editing as they want. Talking about Lightroom mobile features, you get to see more than one feature in them such as - HDR effat, Hsl all color, and other features. This application supports versions above Android version 6. And if we talk about its download in Google Play Store, then more than 100 million downloads have been done, in which users have given this application a rating of 4 point 5. Special Features of Lightroom Mobile App. There is an option to add presets - by which all the settings of the preset can be copied and pasted on your photo. 


3. Download lemon Yellow Lightroom Preset

To edit a photo in lemon yellow color, first you need to download the Lightroom lemon yellow preset. So let's talk about how to download this preset. So to download this preset lemon yellow light work, in this post you will get a download button by clicking on which you can download this filter to your phone. 

And if you face any problem in downloading the filter then read the instruction given below. Before downloading lightroom preset make sure your internet is working well or not. Still if you are unable to download then use another browser. We would like to inform you that the downloaded file will be in zip format. 


4. Special benifit of Lemon Yellow Lightroom Preset filter 

With Lightroom Lemon Yellow preset, you can color grading the photos of your special moments, for which you will not need to make any effort, so you can color grading the photos of your special moments like weddings and other celebrations. Because this filter looks very good on such photos. Due to the presence of lemon color in the filter, there is a very nice glow on the photo. 

Customize -

If you have knowledge about photo editing and color grading, then you can also customize this preset and make this preset perfect for your photo. All the tools given in the presets can be customized such as - can change the color. Capacity can be increased or decreased. Filters of other colors can also be used in the filter. 

5. Add DNG lemon Yellow Lightroom Preset in Lightroom app 

How to add lightroom dng preset to Lightroom app? So firstly extract the downloaded file. After this, the dng format photo that will appear, you have to share it in the Lightroom mobile app. That means you have to add. Add your own photo too. 

  • Now add the photo on which you want to apply the filter of this preset on the Lightroom mobile app. 
  • Adding a photo is very simple, for this you open your gallery and then open your photo. Now you will get the option of share button on 3dot, by clicking on it share it on Lightroom mobile app, it will add your photo. 

Apply presets in photo -

  • Now after adding the photo to apply the filter on your photo, first open that dng photo in Lightroom mobile application. And then in the top right side you will get the option of 3dot, by clicking on it, you have to select the copy setting option. 
  • Now after copying the presets, come back to the home page of Lightroom. And then you open your photo to edit, after that again you have to click on the same 3dot option from where you copied the preset. Here you will now get the option of paste setting, by clicking on it, you can apply the filters of the presets on your phone. 

7. Best method to apply preset

Friends, now the most important thing is to always keep these things in mind before using Lightroom presets. So that you can edit your photo with good quality. 

  • Always apply the filter on only those photos whose quality is good and the color is natural. 
  • Do not apply filters on black and white color photos. Make sure to adjust the photo before applying the filter. So by following all these methods, you will be able to apply the filter on your photo in a better way. 


We hope you liked this Lemon Yellow Color Lightroom Presets, so read our previous posts to get more similar photo editing related information and to download Lightroom Presets. If you have any suggestion related to the post, then you tell us by commenting. You can also follow us on social media to connect with us. 

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