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Best Top 10 xmp Lightroom presets To photo Editing In Lightroom Mobile

Hello friends, in today's blog post we are going to provide you top 10 color filters for editing photos. Whose name is Lightroom XMP Presets. With the help of all these presets, you will be able to make very beautiful editing of your photo. In these 10 filters, you will find a variety of color filters, which will make it easier for you to edit photos for your social media. 

Top XMP Lightroom presets
Lightroom xmp preset


Friends, nowadays everyone uses social media. On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media apps, people upload their photos or photos taken with their friends to remember them. So the photo taken with a normal camera is not that good. And there is no color in the photo. So in such a situation, we have to edit the photo ourselves, which also takes a lot of time. That's why today we have told about Lightroom editor app for all of you, in which photos can be edited in just one click with the help of filters. So let's know what is Lightroom Editor app? And how do you use the presets? 

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In this post, we have told about how to edit photos in one click on Lightroom application with the help of presets. 

Topic cover :- 

  1. About Lightroom App
  2. What is the Lightroom xmp preset 
  3. Download Top 10 Lightroom presets 
  4. How To Apply and use Lightroom presets 
  5. Special benifit of Lightroom presets
  6. Instruction To use Lightroom presets
  7. Conclusion 

1. About Lightroom mobile App

Friends Lightroom Mobile Application is a photo editing application created by Adove company in 2004 which is present in Google Play Store and App Store. In which there are very advanced features to edit photos. Such as - photo masking, color grading, this application is most popular on the internet to edit photos, every smartphone user uses this application to edit their photos. Although there is no dearth of editing tools in this Lightroom mobile app, but the best features are Lightroom presets, because these features are not present in any other editor app other than Lightroom mobile app. So let's know in detail about Lightroom presets. 

2. What is the Lightroom presets

Lightroom Presets. As Word itself shows that this is a source file which contains many settings. So we would like to tell you that Lightroom Presets are created from Lightroom Mobile itself, whatever editing is done in Lightroom app like using contract brightness and other editing tools while editing photos. So Lightroom presets are created to aggregate all those editing settings. The two most commonly used formats of Lightroom presets are .xmp, and .dng, and are also called filters. And if we talk about other features of this application, then there is photo editing in HDR and there is also an option to colorize the video in the latest new version Lightroom app. 

Features Of Lightroom mobile App - 

  • Crop / layout
  • Effect
  • Hsl tools 
  • Masking
  • Copy paste preset 
  • Deatails
  • Export image in dng, gpg, 

It is very simple to use all these features, it is easy to increase and decrease the capacity of the given features. 

3. Download Top 10 xmp Lightroom presets

So as we have told you in the beginning that you will be able to edit the photo in a single click with the help of Lightroom presets, first of all you will need presets, for this we have given you the option to download 10 presets in this post. You can download all these XMP presets to your phone by clicking on that given download button. Below we give you some instructions to download the filter -  

  • click on the download button. 
  • The link will automatically open on Google Drive. 
  • Then there you have to click on the download arrow. 

Now all this lightroom xmp preset will start downloading in zip format. 

Note : if you facing Any error while downloading filter so please check internet or use other Browser 

4. Special benifit of Lightroom presets

The advantage of using Lightroom presets is that you can save the time you spend editing photos. And even if you do not know how to edit photos, you can still do very beautiful editing with the help of Lightroom presets. 

Customize option 

If you have a little knowledge about photo editing, then let us tell you all these Lightroom presets, you can also customize the accordion of your photo and the given setting can be changed. And this is also an advantage for you because you know that the preset always works according to the color of the photo. Example - brightness contrast hsl, their capacity can be changed even after applying presets. 

5. How to add lightroom XMP preset in Lightroom mobile App 

So to use the presets, first you have to add all these Lightroom presets to the Lightroom mobile app, so let's know how to add Lightroom presets to the Lightroom mobile app?

 Step - 

  • Extract the downloaded Lightroom presets. You can use any app to extract the file (zip master app) then open your Lightroom mobile app. Now to edit the photo, open your photo in the editing page. 
  • Now here you will see the preset option at the bottom. Click on that preset option and then select the Import Preset option. 
  •  Now find your file where you extracted the G file and you will find all the presets. Then click on the option of 3dot and click on select all and then again click on the select button. 

Now all your filters have been added to the Lightroom mobile app. 

6.Apply filter presets in picture 

Now to use the filter, open any one photo again. And again go to the preset option, then there you will find the filter you have added, then whatever filter you like, click on that filter and apply it on your photo. But before applying the filter, please read the instructions given below so that you can use all these filters in a better way. 

7. Instruction To Apply filter

If you follow the given instructions, then believe that you will be able to use all these presets in a better way. Before applying the presets, make sure that your photo quality is good or not. If there is no good quality photo, then edit them first and make them in good quality, after that apply the set on it. Do not apply the filter to black and white photos as the Lightroom preset filter will not work.

Tips - As much as the color of your photo is natural as well as your photo remains in high quality, the better Lightroom will work on preset photos. 

Conclusion -

So friends, we are sure that with the help of all these Lightroom presets, you must have edited your photo well and shared it on your social media account. If you want to download more similar Lightroom presets, then you keep visiting our blog and you will continue to get information related to photo editing like this. If you have any suggestion related to the post, then you must tell us by commenting. Thank you . 

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