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Photo Colour Grading With Top 70 Lightroom Presets

Friends, in today's post, we are going to tell you all about photo color grading, how you can color grading your photos in different colors. As you must have seen in applications like Instagram and Facebook. Where people edit their photos with many types of colors such as cinematic color and yellow, blue, aqua, dark blue, and other colors. So if you also want to color grading your photos in a beautiful way, then this post will be very useful for you, after reading this post, you can easily color grading photos in any of your photos. 

Lightroom presets
Top Lightroom presets 

But before that we would like to tell all of you that you will find many tutorials on the internet to edit photos, but all those editor applications have some difficulties. Because color grading the photo is not everyone's thing, it takes a lot of effort to edit the photo. And if you click your photo from a mid-range smartphone, then there is more problem because the quality of the photo is not so good. But today in this tutorial which is going to tell you all, you will not have to manage Contrast Brightness and Saturation HSL all these tools on the photo. With the help of this tutorial, photo color grading is done on your photo in a single click.  

Highlights - 

With the help of Lightroom presets, you can color grading any of your photos in a single click, this also saves you time and you do not have to use any tools to edit photos. 

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Topic cover - 

  1. How to colour Grade photo with Top 70 xmp Lightroom presets
  2. Download Top 70 xmp Lightroom presets
  3. Add XMP Lightroom presets in Lightroom mobile
  4. Apply lightroom preset in photo
  5. Instruction To Apply preset 


1. How to colour Grade photo with Top 70 xmp Lightroom presets 

To do color grading of photos, you will need the Lightroom application. Lightroom mobile application is a photo editing application, and it is available for both Android and iOS users can easily download and use them on their device. In this application, users will be able to color grading photos in a single click using custom presets. This feature is called Copy Paste Presets on Lightroom Mobile. By the way, many features have been provided in the Lightroom mobile application for the users, such as the photo in the latest version of Lightroom mobile application as well as the video can be color graded with the help of presets. The name of the company that makes the Lightroom mobile application is Adobe. 

So today we are talking about how to use preset on photo in Lightroom mobile application. But before that you have to download the custom Lightroom presets we have provided. 

2. Download Top 70 Lightroom presets 

To download Top 70 + Lightroom Presets, you have been provided with the download link in this post, as soon as you press on that download button, a zip format file will start downloading to your device. And in this zip format file you will find more than 70 custom Lightroom presets. But before that zip format has to be extracted, to extract you can extract with the help of any application such as - zip master application. But if you face any problem in downloading then make sure that your internet is working properly or not or you use another browser. 

Step To Download - 

Click download button that's it 

3. Add XMP preset in Lightroom app

Now let's know how to add XMP Lightroom presets in Lightroom mobile application. So first of all open your Lightroom mobile application. And open a photo to edit. After this you will get the option of preset in the tool bar below, you have to click on the option of that preset. As soon as you click on it, you will get the option of Import Presets. After clicking on that import preset, now all the files that you extracted earlier have to be selected and added together. In this way you can add XMP preset to Lightroom mobile application. 

4. Apply Lightroom presets in photo

Now again. To edit one of your photos, open the Lightroom mobile application and go to the Presets option to apply the presets. Now here you will be able to see that whatever custom presets you had added will appear there, now whatever presets you like, you can click and apply on the photo. 

Use Customize option-

If you suspect that Lightroom presets are not working properly on the photo. So you can use the Customize option, in which you can change all the editing settings according to your photo. You can increase or decrease the brightness, contrast saturation and opacity in all the settings given in Lightroom. 

5. DNG and xmp Lightroom presets difference 

Let's know about the format of Lightroom Mobile presets and what is the difference between them. Lightroom xmp presets. There is a preset format and it is very small in size. Let us tell you that Lightroom Mobile presets are of 3 formats. DNG, XMP, TIF. The work of these three formats is the same, only the way of using them is different. 

DNG format : The Lightroom preset in this format looks like a photo.  And in these you can easily see the preview of the presets.  dng format Lightroom presets cannot be added to the Presets option.  Only their settings can be copied and applied to the photo. 

6. Instruction To use custom Lightroom presets

Always apply Lightroom Mobile presets to high quality picture so that it works properly and your photo does not get cracked. Lightroom presets do not work on black and white color photos. If the quality of your photos is low, then first edit them and then apply presets on them. 


We hope you have liked this post of ours and you have also got information about how to color grading photos with the help of Lightroom Presets in Lightroom Mobile Application, then open our previous post to read more similar posts. do it. If you want to give or take any suggestion related to editing from us, then you can message us in Instagram or comment here. Thank you . 

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