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Best Video Colour Grade App For Android | HSL Features Available

Best video Color Grade App for Android. So friends, in today's post, we are going to tell you all about an application that has all the features for color grading the video. Like - hsl tool. The HSL tool is most commonly used to color grade the video because by selecting any color of the video with the HSL tool, you can change the opacity, hue, brightness, shadow of that color. Example - Green can be yellow and yellow can be red. So by using hsl tool, you can colorgrade very easily by changing all the colors of the video.  

Which editing app has HSL tool. 

There are many editing applications for editing videos in Android devices, the most popular of which is kinemaster, and power director. But in both these apps there is no hsl tool to color grade the video yet. Yes ! But this feature may come with the new update. Below is a list of Android editing apps that provide you HSL features. which you can use. 

Post Highlights - 

Polar Editing app: Unlimited custom filters are also available in this application for color grading the video. And also you can color grade the video manually with the help of HSL tool. 

Best video colour Grade app in Android
Polar 24fps App


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  1. which is best video colour Grading App for Android
  2. How to use polar 24 fps App 
  3. Colour Grade video with filter and hsl tool 
  4. Customize option
  5. Best special features of polar 24 fps 
  6. Conclusion   

Which is best video Colour Grading app for Android 

The name of the best video color grading app is - polar 24fps. This app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. More than 1000 custom filters are available for free in the polar 24fps app. The video can also be color graded by using all these custom filters. But if you want to change the color of your video by yourself, then for this you get HSL tool features. In which you can control all the colors of the video. 

Pros and cons- 

Pros - polar 24fps application has user friendly interface and new user can easily color grade the video in it.  High quality color grade.  The color grade in this app is in high quality, the detail accuracy of each color is very high.  Unlimited custom filters.  In this, many types of color filters are found by default.  With the help of which you can color grade the video in a single click.  export video.  Can export video in Full HD and 24fps. 


Color grading videos with long duration may cause errors in the app. 

There is no export in 4k. 

It takes a lot of time while exporting the video. 

How to use polar 24 fps App

So first of all, search the Polar 24fps app in Google Play Store and install it on your phone. And then open it. In opening the first time, you will be asked to create an account. So you have to create an account by giving your Gmail ID and username, password. Now you will see four options at the bottom. You can see preview in the picture. 


Now go to the Edit option to edit the video. Now in the upper right corner, you will get the browse option, by going to this option, you have to select the video that you want to edit. Now here you will get two options to color grade the video. First filter, second adjust. So first of all let's know how to add filter. So for this, you will get the Discover option there, you can go to it and add the filter of your choice. Now to apply the filter to the video, go to Filters and apply the filter to the video. 

Colour Grade with Adjust option HSL tool

Now if you want to adjust the color in the video by yourself, then go to the adjust option shown where you will get the hsl tool as well as the brightness, contrast, etc., of the video can be adjusted in it. 

Customize option

Adjust option 

Use all the adjustment tools to customize the video. In this you get many tools. light, color, hsl, toning, effect, fringing, detail, vignette, grain, 


Best special features of polar 24fps 

The specialty of polar 24fps is that Instagram reels videos can be color graded very quickly. Because reels video time duration is short. So if you also make Instagram reels video, then this app will prove to be very effective for you. 


In my opinion the Polar app is the best app to color grade short videos. Because at present there is no other way to color grade the video in Android like this. So you tell us how did you like this post of ours. If you have any issue related to the post, then you can contact us. Thank you . 

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