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Pop Colour Luts Filter To Video Colour Grade| VN Custom Filter

Hello friends. In this post today we are going to give you all pop color luts filter for video color grading. The color of the video can be boosted with this Pop Color LUTs Filter. That is, you will not have to use any tool to do video color grading. Color grading of the video can be done in a single click by applying filters to the video only with the help of filters. Especially this filter will be very useful for those people who do not know about video color grading. So if you also want to do color grading of your reels, vlog, youtube, videos, then definitely read this post till the last. In this post, we have told you all how to boost the color of the video. And how to use custom luts filter. 


Manually editing apps vs Luts Filter 

By the way, you will find many editing applications on the Internet to do color grading of videos, in which HSL tool is also available to do color grading, using which you can do color grading in your video yourself. Like kinemaster, power director, filmora go, and other editing apps for android users. But in all these apps, video has to be given time for color grading. But with the way we are going to tell you today, you can color grade the video very easily. So let's know what are the steps you have to follow for this.

Highlights of post - 

Adjust the color, saturation, brightness, and opacity of the Vive using the LUTs filter. And color grade the video in a single click. 

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Topic Timelines -  

  1. How to colour Grade video with custom Luts filter 
  2. Download pop Colour Luts filter for video colour Grade
  3. Use luts filter in Vn app in Android
  4. Add lut filter in VN app
  5. Apply LUT in video
  6. Right method to apply 
  7. Customize option
  8. Why luts filter is special
  9. Conclusion 

Luts Filter To Video Colour Grade
POP Colour Luts Filter 

How to colour Grade video with custom Luts filter 

Let us now know how to do color grading of videos using LUTs filter. For this you need to have an Android device or iPhone. You must have vn video editor app installed on your device. Because vn app is the only editing app to use custom lut filter. In which there is a feature to add custom filters made by yourself. You can add different types of filters in this app like i phone vivid filter, teal orange filter, white filter, green filter, you can install VN App from google play store or app store. Some default filters are also available in the VN app. These can also be used to grade the video color. 

So to add pop color custom filter, first download this filter. 


Download pop Colour Luts Filter

Follow the steps given below to download the filter. First of all make sure your internet is on or not. If you are using any kind of ad blogging app, then uninstall them. Now click on the download button given in this post to download the filter. Now pop color luts filter automatic download will start. But if there is an error in downloading the filter, then change your browser. 

Below we have given information about pop color luts. 

File information 

Name : Pop colour luts

Format : zip file extension .cube 

Quantity : 5 Luts 

Size : 6×5 20MB 

Use pop Colour Luts in VN App 

How to use Pop Color Luts in vn App. So for this, first of all, the downloaded file has to be added to the VN app. We have explained below how to add custom filters in VN app. But here we are talking about how to use pop color luts in vn. So before applying the filter to the video, keep these things in mind. For example - the quality of the video should be good. The video should be made with dslr or good camera. You can also use the filter in the video made with the phone's camera, but while making the video from the phone, do the video recording well. Apply n filter on black and white color video. 

Supported luts

Vn app, primer pro, 

Device Android, iPhone , Laptop, 

Add pop luts filter in VN App

Now let's add the downloaded pop color filter to the VN app. There are two ways to add filters. Here we are going to tell you the easy way. With this method, you can add multiple VN Luts to the VN app at the same time. So let us tell you that the pop color luts filter you have downloaded is of zip format. Which will be found in your file manager. Now open the file manager of your phone and share that downloaded zip file in VN app. This will add all the filters together.


Vn Unsupported Luts Filter error solve 

Many times while adding vn luts vn luts file gives error. So how to fix it. So while downloading the filter, pay attention that the file you have downloaded does not have any other text after its extension. For example - this file is of a zip format, but after downloading this file has . The TXT extension is added automatically. So to fix vn unsupported error follow simple method. Open the file you downloaded and remove any extra text added after the zip by renaming it. And file save your file. 

Demo Example - 

Orignal - 

Error - 

Rename - 👉 

Apply pop colour luts in video 

To apply the filter to the video, open the VN app and open it to edit a single video. Now go to the filter option, there you will find all the filters you have added. Now whatever filter you want to apply in the video. Click on that filter, in this way you can apply custom filter pop color luts in the video. 

Right method to apply filter 

Use the customization option to apply the filter in the right way to the video. With the help of customization, you can adjust the brightness, exposure, and contrast of the video. By doing this, you can apply custom filters in Vn app correctly. 

You can manually adjust the brightness saturation and sharpen opacity in the customization option. Which will make the video look more high quality. Along with this, you can also control the temperature in it. 

Why Luts Filter in usefull 

Because it is very easy to use, no editing knowledge is required to do color grading of the video with the LUTs filter. Just download the filter from internet and apply to your video. Using vn filter saves time. And the perfect result of the filter is also found in the video. 


So I hope by reading this post of ours, you must have done color grading of your video with high quality pop color. In our opinion, you must apply this pop color luts once in your video. Because of this the video color grade is good. Manual video color grading is very time consuming and also requires knowledge. If you have any suggestion related to the post, then let us know by commenting. Thanks . 

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