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How To Edit Photo Video In Aqua Red Tone - Lightroom VN preset

Highlights -

With the help of Aqua red filter, user can color grade photos and videos in aqua color tone. This filter can be used in photo editing in Lightroom.  Aqua Filter can also be used in VN App and Premier Pro to color grade the video. 

Supported Devices - 


File information - 

Name : Aqua Red filter 

Type : photo,video colour Grade

Format : (zip) .cube .DNG 

File Size : 13MB 


Aqua Red Tone Lightroom presets
Aqua Red VN And Lightroom presets 

Topic cover -  

How To Edit photo in Aqua colour

To color grade photos and videos in aqua and red filters, first download the aqua filter file given in this post, .cube and .dng files will be available to color grade photos and videos.  

To Download step - 

Just click download button that's it 

Tutorial - 

Now let's know How to Edit  photo in Aqua red colour in Lightroom - 

Click high quality And suitable picture 

To edit the photo in aqua and red color in lightroom mobile, first choose a good photo, for this either you use a good camera phone in which you can click high quality picture. Because if the quality of the photo will be good, then with the help of presets, better editing will be possible. This preset is perfect for this type of photo - the background of the photo should be green and blurry. As shown in the preview. 

 Add DNG Lightroom presets - 

To add the Aqua and Red Lightroom .dng preset, open the Lightroom mobile App. After that leave them running in the background. Now go to your phone's file manager and open the file you just downloaded. Then extract the downloaded zip file with the help of extract option. Password will be required to extract the file, which can be taken by watching the video. After this share the .dng file in the Lightroom mobile app from the extracted file. In this way you can add Aqua Red filter of dng format in Lightroom app. 

Apply Aqua red filter in photo - 

To apply the Aqua Red filter to a photo, add that photo to the Lightroom mobile app. After that first open that added Lightroom aqua dng photo. Now go to the 3 dot option in the top here and select the copy setting option, this will copy the setting of the Aqua red filter. Now open the photo which you want to edit in Aqua Color Filter. And then after opening again go to 3 dot option and this time click on paste setting option. Here you will be able to see that the potato has been done on the aqua red filter photo. 

Lightroom presets dose not work - how to solve 

Reasons why Lightroom presets are not working- 

  1. No natural color in the photo. 
  2. The pixels of the photo are less. 
  3. The color combination of the presets is not done well.

We would like to tell you that which is aqua red filter. It works perfect on all photos. 

Use customize option - 

So let's know how to solve it. If the Lightroom preset is not working properly, then change the setting of the preset, and adjust all the settings according to your photo. But take care not to tamper with the color setting, otherwise the color correction may deteriorate.  

Note: If the preset does not work properly on the photo, reduce the opacity of Texture and Clarity 

Download file(large-bt) 

How To Use Aqua Red filter In VN App 

As we have mentioned, which is a zip file. It also has a LUTs filter in .cube format. So by adding this Aqua Red LUT to the vn app, you can color grade the video in Aqua red colour.  

vn video editor app - This is a video editing app in which user can grade video color by installing custom color. vn app can be used in all android/ios/laptop. So install this vn app to grade video color. If you want to know how to add Luts in vn app, then read our previous post. 

Watch video To Get Password  

Benifit To use of preset and filter 

Using custom filters, users will be able to color grade their photos and videos in a single click without any effort. Just download the required color filter and apply it to your videos and photos. 

Conclusion - 

Our opinion about aqua and red filters is that, if you want to color grade photos and videos well, custom filters will be very useful for you. So download this Aqua Red Filter. If you have any suggestion related to this post, then you tell us by commenting. 

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