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Black Dark Tone VN Luts Filter Video Colour Grade

Highlights - 

black Tone Luts - With black color luts user can color grade the video to black tone.  By applying this black color LUTs to the video, it can convert any other color to black colour.  So if you want to color grade the video in black color, then this Luts filter will help a lot in grading the video color. 

Video colour Grade -

Nowadays everyone wants to edit their videos well.  But not everyone knows how to edit videos.  The most important part of video editing is color grading the video.  Video color grading also takes a lot of time and at the same time there should be information about color grading, otherwise it is not possible to color the video.  But you do not worry, today we are providing a filter for all of you to do video color grading, with the help of which you can color grading the video in black color in a single click.

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Topic cover - 

Requirements To Video Colour Grade

  1. vn app
  2. Luts filter
  3. Android/iOS 

1.VN App 

Vn editor app is a video editing software in which users can add custom filters to black tones or other color tones. vn App supports .cune file format. 

Example - Just like the Lightroom preset DNG file is used to edit photos, the Cube file is used to color grade videos in VN App. 

.cube Filter support Editor App 

The .cube file can also be used in Premier Pro But if you want to use in any other editing app. So first check whether the video editing software supports .cube format or not 

2. Luts filter 

The full form of LUT is look up table. It collects all the color grading settings into a single file called a .cube LUT. With the help of LUT, it is very easy for the user to grade the video color. 

Every type Video Colour Grade

LUT filter color grades all types of videos like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, short videos, and it's all offline. Tik tok videos are also color graded from them. 

Download HDR Black Tone Lightroom presets 

Download HDR Black tone lut . To download the black filter, click on the download button given on the post. After this the black tone file in zip format will start downloading to the device. But if unable to download due to any reason, change browser or check internet speed 

Step - just press download button that's it 


File information

Name : HDR Black Tone Lut

Format : zip(.cube) 

Type : Video Colour Grade preset 

Quantity : 2 

Size : 13MB

How To Add black tone lut in VN App

To add black tone lut filter to vN App, follow the steps given below. First, find the downloaded zip format file in the phone manager's file. After this, the file of that zip format has to be shared in the VN app without extracting it. Let us tell you that there are two black color filters inside the zip format, both will be added together in the VN app. 

To use Black Tone Lut in video 

To use black tone filter in video. First of all open the VN video editor app, and select one of your videos to edit. Here you will find the option of filter at the bottom, go to the option of that filter and click on the added filter. Now black filter has been applied in the video. 

Instruction before apply

Do not apply filters to low quality videos. Otherwise it will not work properly. The better the quality of the video, the better the filter can be applied. Applying a filter to an already edited or color graded video can cause a change in the color of the video. 

You should make quality Video 

While making the video, use a DSLR or a good camera, this makes the video in high quality. Record Bokeh Background video it looks good. 

Conclusion - 

Black Tone Luts is a great tool for color grading videos, and it's very easy to use. So use them to color grade the video in black color. If you have any issue related to the post, then comment us. To read more similar posts visit my previous post. Thanks .

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