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HSL Features Now Available In VN App -Vn Latest 2.0.2 Version

VN App New Version (2.0.2)

In VN video editor app also, with the help of HSL feature, the video can be easily colored because in these features, the user can adjust each color of the video accordingly. 

New released Features of VN App version 2.0.2 

  1. New transaction
  2. Hsl tools 
Vn App hsl features
Vn video editor update


This version released - 

This update of VN Video Editor has been released in the month of October, in which a lot of great transition and color grading tools have been added. Now in vn video editor, users will be able to add more transitions to their videos as well as colorize the video with the help of HSL tool. 

Download new version 2.0.2 VN App 

File information 
Name : VN App
Type : video Editing 
Use in : Android/iPhone 
Size : 101MB 
Update  release 26-oct-2022
Source from : Google Play Store 

What is the transation

The effect that is applied in the middle of the video is called transition, as can be seen in the picture. There are many types of transitions, right to left, and left to right, and there are other styles. So with this new update more new transition has been added. 


About HSL features - 

With hsl features, you can adjust the color of photos and videos. By using this feature, you can change the setting of saturation, hue, luminance, of a particular color. For example, red can turn a color green and green can turn a color yellow. By using this feature, it will be easier for the user to color grade the video. 

Hsl features


How to update VN App in latest version 

To update the VN Video Editor app to the new version, click on the link given below on the post and then update it from Google Play Store. After updating these features will be available in BN Video Editor app. Let us tell you that HSL features will be found in the filter option. And the transition can be seen by clicking on the plus button in the middle of the video.

Benifit of New hsl and transition

Transition - New transition will be very useful for making reels videos and youtube short videos, it can make videos more atrctive. 

Hsl - HSL tool will help the user to manually grade the video color.  Using hsl will be able to grade the video in a cinematic, dramatic, way. 

Update vn app to new version, this will also increase the performance of video editing. If you have any question related to the post, then tell us by commenting. Thanks . 

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