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Video Colour Grade In Red Tone using Video Luts


User can color grade any of his videos in red color tone with the help of red color luts.  Just apply LUTs in the video, the video will automatically change to red color. 

Hello Everyone - In today's post, we will learn to color grading the video in red color.  By which any normal video can be converted to red tone. 

Red tone Luts
Red colour Video luts


What is the red tone video colour grading

Nowadays people upload videos with different types of filters on social media, many people use different types of video editing software to color grade the video. By which he color grades any video in any color. But to color grade the video one should have knowledge about HSL tool. Otherwise it is difficult to grade the video color. But today we are going to tell you such a way by which you can color grade the video in a single click. So let us know which steps should be followed to color grade the video in red tone. 

Step - 1 

Install VN App Editor

To colorize the video in red color, you will need an application called VN app. This is a video editing app in which users can use custom LUTs. And if you have iPhone, install vn app from app store. You can add custom filters of .cube format in vn app and apply to videos like Lightroom filters. 

Step - 2 

Download Red colour luts For VN App

To download the red color Luts, click on the download button given in the post. Now this filter will be downloaded to your device in zip format. Let us tell you that there are two red color filters inside this zip format. Before downloading the filter, pay attention to the following things. Internet facility should be good. Some phone memory should be free. 


File information 

Name : red tone Lut 

Format : zip (.cube) 

Quantity  : 1 

Type : Video Colour Grade Luts 

How to use Luts in VN App 

Add vN lut - To add red color LUTS, open the phone's file manager, here you will find the downloaded zip format file, this file will be found in the download folder.  Now select that zip format and share it in VN App. 

Step - open file manager>go to download folder>now select downloaded zip file by long press>got to share option it will be in 3 dot option> now share it in VN App 

That's it 

But there you have to add this Luts in category first select category or create New category 

Apply red luts Filter in Video 

Now let's know how to apply red filter in video. So for this, open the VN app and add a video as a sample to it as you edit the video. Now here you will get a filter option in the editing option below, by clicking on this filter option, click on the added red filter. 

Now here you will be able to see that the color of the video has changed to red. 

Before apply Luts follow this instruction To get better result of the Luts 

Use high quality video to apply LUTs to the video. Record the video with a good smartphone or a DSLR camera to make high quality videos. Because sometimes the filter does not work properly on the video. The reason for this is the lack of natural color in the video, and the quality of the video is low.

Perfect of this type video 

This filter is the best filter to make Instagram reels video, and it is even better if the background of the video is blurred. But this red color filter can be applied in any video. this is up to you . 




Features Of red  lut filter 

 Red color LUT can be customized even after applying to the video, the user can adjust the brightness saturation of the video and increase or decrease the opacity of other tools. And also this LUT can be used on Premiere Pro as well. 

Special features 

With LUTs Filter, you can color grade the video in a few minutes. There is no hassle to use LUTs, just download the color filter as needed from the internet and color grade the video by adding it to the VN app. This saves time. And luts is very easy to use. 


In my opinion this red color filter is a good option to color grade the video, so you will be able to color grade the video very easily. So read my previous post to get more VN LUTS like this. If you have any issue related to the post, then you tell us by commenting. thanks 

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