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Amoled Green Tone Lightroom preset Boost Colour Tone Of Photos

OLED Green Lightroom preset

Hello We have prepared a Lightroom preset of green OLED tone for users to edit photos in the Lightroom mobile application. With this Green Tone Lightroom preset, photographers will be able to turn the color of the photo green. 

These are great presets for editing photos in the Lightroom mobile application to create photos that are uploaded to social media. The preview of the green Tone Lightroom preset can be seen on the photo posted on the post.

Green Tone Lightroom preset 👇

Green Tone Lightroom preset
Green OLED Lightroom presets 


By applying the green lightroom preset to the photo, the color saturation of the photo increases and at the same time the noise of the photo is also removed. Brightness contrast and opacity are well controlled. 

1. Make Green OLED photo

With the Green Tone Lightroom preset, the photo will appear OLED, which will increase the color of the photo in a professional way, where the color is less, the color of that place will also be smartly boosted. Black color will be clearly visible. Green Tone will change the background of the preset photo to a green color. 

2. Exposure manage of green colour

The user can increase or decrease the exposure of green color as per the need, increasing the exposure increases the white tone on the photo, which makes the photo look brighter. The exposure in the photo is automatically adjusted from the green preset. 

3. Customize All green Tone preset setting 

Users can also customize the presets to suit their needs, and use all the settings provided in the Lightroom mobile application. Temperature, contrast, hsl, opacity of all will be able to be more or less. And if the photo does not look good after applying the preset in the photo, then you can reduce the texture by going to the effect option. 

Download Green Tone Lightroom preset

A download button has been provided in this post, by clicking on which users will be able to download the Green Tone Lightroom preset. But before downloading the preset, make sure that the phone's memory has enough space to store the file, otherwise downloading the preset may cause problems. Below are some steps to download. 

Step to download - 

  1. Click download button
  2. Link will automatically redirect to google drive
  3. Click again download button 

Requirements To Download 

iPhone/Android, free storage device, good internet speed 

Note : If you are unable to download then change the browser(alert-passed) 

Features Of Green Tone Lightroom preset

  • It works with just a single click.
  • Friendly editable goods
  • It gives high- resolution results,
  • Also, it's compatible indeed with. png, jpg format 
  • Compatible and. raw images.
  • importantly, you can without important of a stretch acclimate the settings to suit a specific snap.

What is outside?

This is Lightroom DNG format presets for lightroom mobile
After using this Lightroom preset, you do not have to begin without any medication. 

File information 
Name : Green Tone OLED preset
Format : DNG 
Type : preset 
Use in : Lightroom mobile
Work : photo Editing
Quantity : 1 
Size : 15MB 

Advantages of this green Tone Lightroom preset 

Using this preset, the video can also be color grading in green tone color. For this, the zip file that you download on the post, you will get the cube file in it. By adding that cube file to VN video editor app, you can color grade the video in green tone.
For information, let me tell you, this is a video editor app that is used for video editing in both Android and iPhone. In this VN app there is an option to add custom filters. This custom filter can also be used in Premiere Pro. 


We hope this post was very special for you and also edited the photo in green tone. So read our previous post to download more Lightroom presets and video filters like this one. If you want to talk or suggest something related to the post, then comment or message us in Instagram. 

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